Thursday, November 10, 2016

How Can Fitness Change Your Life?

Along my journey I have noticed something about me when I am working out versus when I am not.  In todays post thats what I wanted to talk to you guys about today.   As many of you know I used to lack confidence in myself in many areas of life and that is changing, I am gaining confidence in areas of life.  I used to be 25 pounds overweight and not care much for how my body was taken care of (low confidence).
I remember walking around slouched over most of the time without ever thinking to stand tall.  I don't remember what made me take up the gym besides the thought of having big muscles which would look cool to me.  I continued to go for some time about 4 years ago on and off and still kept my poor eating habits back then.
The more and more I work on myself especially in the gym I become more confident in myself.  I see that I find a sense of happiness from seeing my body and muscles grow.  It shows that you can come from nothing into something big and amazing just by proving to yourself you can lift those weights even when it gets hard.  This builds confidence just by you proving to yourself that you can lifts those weights.  That is a big component in confidence for working out.  The next big thing is how you look at yourself.  Lifting weights and growing my muscles and even losing weight has made me view myself differently.  As I lost weight a few years ago I started to see myself as able to achieve things in my life instead of thinking of myself as not achieving them.  Whether you want to drop fat or gain muscle fitness can boost your confidence and help you see yourself as the true you.  I understand how it was for me when I was overweight, I wouldn't feel comfortable to express my true self and would often keep my true self to myself.  This has changed since I really started to lose weight and fitness and in turn start my self development journey.  I feel that starting fitness has helped me share my story on this blog and youtube.  I am not scared to share who I am because I love myself and who I am.  I know that sharing my journey can help others even if some people don't agree with me I am being me, and comfortable with it.  I can attribute all this confidence to starting fitness.
How Can Fitness Change Your Life?More Energy.
I understand how much we can struggle for the energy to do the things we really want to do.  It can be hard having a job, and much harder having family to take care of.  I myself just have a job but I can see after 7-8 hours of working that the first thing you want to do when you get home is relax.  It can be tiring but through fitness it can be made easier to achieve your goals and dreams.  Changing the foods I eat can go hand in hand with energy and are definitely part of fitness for me.  The food you eat is about 70% of your body the other 30% comes from working out.  So in this case food is fitness.  What we eat not only affect our body but also our minds.  The foods we eat can either give us energy or take it away.  Make us happy or depressed.  With a healthy diet on top of workout out regularly your energy levels will sky rocket from what they are right now, and you will see yourself doing things you didn't think possible.
Closing Thoughts.
Fitness can be very hard.  I have found myself going into the gym then giving up or eating healthy then eating a bunch of food even if it is healthy but eating wayyyy too much and gaining fat anyways.  I find the best way to have more confidence and energy through this is to take small steps at least a few times a week to improve your body and keep improving more and more along the way until you become your best self.

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