Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Power of Writing

Throughout my life I have found many things inspiring to me.  I love hearing stories of people or things that can help influence me to change my life.  Myself I haven't been the best writer but I do my best to share my message with the world that could possibly help people.  Today I have to share some of my girlfriends amazing writings that influence, motivate and even relax me. I enjoy hearing them over and over, as will I think you guys.  So anyways guys here they are I know you will love them!


The Power of WritingYou should always live life to its fullest. Cherish what you have, and never let the past interfere with what good that will come to your future. Move on from your mistakes, because everyone makes them. In fact, if anything you should make mistakes. Making mistakes is what helps you grow. In your life you will make tons of mistakes, but knowing how to accept those mistakes for what they are is what helps you grow. It’s what helps you become your best version. You have to realize you can’t make everyone happy with who you are. Not everyone is going to like you, not everyone is going to laugh at your jokes, and not everyone will accept you for you. Tons of people don’t accept others as they are, so people look to change. Change their body, or even change their future plans just to satisfy others.

It’s a sad thing when people make other people feel like it’s pointless for them to even speak their own mind, because no one should have to feel this way. But you have to refuse to let your words and thoughts be caged.

As we all experience love, we also all experience death. Life first, death second. It’s that simple. We get attached to people, we love those people as much as we can, and then they die. And we have to accept those deaths. We have to accept them because that’s the way life is. Knowing we can’t bring anyone back, but always hoping we somehow can and that they somehow will come back. We hope to close our eyes and then open them and see the person we once lost standing there in front of us. Like they never left.

Most people never really focus on the more important things in life. Never actually opening their eyes and experiencing what’s really out there. So many open doors to so many possibilities. You never really know what you have until you lose it. Things that may seem like nothing to you always ends up actually being something when it’s gone, after it’s too late. Too late to go back and actually appreciate was is now gone. You either take what you have for granted or live your life with your eyes closed, not really seeing its values. Not really expanding your mind and doing more than what you only think you can do.

Accept the fact that life isn’t simple nor easy. You have to believe you were born for a reason, because you were. Everyone is. Believe that given the gift of life is the best gift of all. Accept the fact that you are who you are. Try to succeed as much as you can and even when you fail just know that that’s how life is. Everyone goes through their moments of failing, but everyone also goes through their moments of success.


Don’t let other’s think they control your life. Stop letting society make the rules and make your own. Society doesn’t control you, other’s don’t control you. You control you. Be your own person and do what makes you happy.

Don’t try to be like everyone else. There are so many people that don’t dare to be different. People that see life as they must follow the rest of society or else they won’t fit in or they’ll be a failure. We are told not to be followers, so we then try to be different and grow into leaders. So why do we then get shut down for trying to do so.


The structure for reason and wonder are powerful things. The mind is an amazing structure. We all interpret things different. Some see their life struggles as a good thing. They see them as that’s what makes you stronger. Some see them as hell.

Closing Thoughts.
My favorite section is on life.  Life is the biggest gift we are dealt and many of us don't live it the way it is meant to be lived.  Like Brittany said "Tons of people don’t accept others as they are, so people look to change. Change their body, or even change their future plans just to satisfy others." This is not the way life is meant to be lived.  It is meant to be as we create it not as others do. I hope you guys enjoyed these writings as much as I do!  Please leave a comment on your favorite section "Life, Society, or Perspective and share your reason why you enjoyed it or it influenced you.

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