Friday, November 4, 2016

What is the Greatness of Life.

Life is extraordinary.  We may find ourselves caught up in what we think is life.  Living each day for someone else, to make their dreams come true.  That is not "living".  Living is going through each day on a mission for ourselves.  Our job is not our life or who we are, neither is your home, car or any material possession.  Life comes from whats inside us, without life we will not live or even survive, we will just be there, living a life for everyone else, but not ourselves.  Is that really living?
How to Find Greatness in LifeHow to Live.
Living life can be hard.  We all have our setbacks or things in the way.  The only problem is a lot of us let these things stop us.  I am guilty of this as well.  Excuses are often easier than doing a hard task that needs to be done.  If I get tired at night it is so easy to say "ok time to sleep" even if I have more things that must get done in order to have a productive day.  I have done this many times and regret it the next morning.  Now there are more extremes to this, maybe you broke your leg and play a sport, but when it heals up you never play that sport again.  Seems normal, after all its a better excuse than being tired.  But are these excuses worth risking our dreams and vision for our lives?  Hell no!
Living in my eyes means to be becoming our best selves, doing things each day that move us closer to our vision, even if its only one thing a day.  If you don't do at least one thing for moving yourself closer to the greater you each day how can you expect to live, or even be happy?
Living each day within intent for you may be different from what it is for me.  For me my best day comes from when I am bettering my body and mind and spending time with loved ones.  For you it could be helping someone close to you or even volunteering.  Living is so much different than just existing, living means you have a life of intent and with that intent you make your mark on the universe!  Each day should be fun and joyful, and living, real living is just that.  The more I better myself and show love to the people close to me I even find my confidence go up, because I a being my truest self!  
Closing Thoughts.
Before I end this let me ask you these 2 questions.  How can you find your truest self?  And how can you Live today?

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