Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How to Surround Yourself With Constant Motivation.

Motivation is something that kind of comes and goes.  You don't need motivation to be successful in whatever area you are going into, but it does help.  Motivation makes the journey more fun and enjoyable, and also helps you see that you shouldn't give up.  We see people who have already done what we are willing to do and it gives us a sort of hope.  If someone can come from a lower place than you, why can't you become great as well?

Before I go more in depth you shouldn't rely on motivation to be able to achieve your goals, I certainly don't, and everyday I want to give up but I don't, because I would regret it if I did.  But what are the things that would make me regret giving up?

If I were to die today would I be happy with the results I put out there?  This is a question we should always be asking ourselves.  If we wouldn't be happy with what we did by the end of our lives, we know we would need to change that right now right?

So how do we go about changing this.  We need some sort of motivation but like I said we can't rely on motivation to achieve our goals because you won't always be motivated, sometimes you just have to push through even though right now you may not want to.  However I love using motivation as a tool to boost my productivity.

What motivates me?
I am a big believer in surrounding yourself with things or people that will help you achieve your goals. I however am working on the people thing right now as that is hard for me to do, but I see my social skills are getting better each and everyday.

Surrounding myself with things I want is working very well for me.  Take a moment and think about this,  you are living in a run down town, your house is filled with junk or is slowly being run down as well, so are your neighbors.  Everywhere you look you see regular cars, or even rusty ones.  Crimes are very common and your neighbors are often robbed. everything around you is falling apart in a sense. Would you have any motivation to get out of that or would you be used to it?  Believe it or not most people would get used to it!

Now lets look at another story.  Everyday you are seeing millionaires, fancy houses with pools and hot tubs, exotic cars, Bentley's, Ferrari's, Maserati's ect. Everywhere you look there is wealth.

For me this is the type of stuff that motivates me and I am fortunate enough to live near a town called Birmingham, MI where you are bound to see 5-10 brand new range rovers in a couple minutes.  Mercedes G Classes are everywhere and so are many exotics.  I also have exotic car dealerships close by where I can go look at Lamborghini's, Aston's, Rolls Royce's ect.

For me these cars and also the house's I see are pure motivation. I know I will own many of these cars one day, and that in turn motivates me to put in the work to achieve those goals, and makes the work more enjoyable at times when I feel like relaxing or resting or taking a day off.

How I am motivated daily is by either going to Birmingham or the dealerships, or by finding people online who are where I want to be, or even just by finding pictures of cars, or houses in area's that look cool to me.  And for fitness I love to picture myself with the ripped body I am working towards!  You don't have to live near Beverly Hills to surround yourself with your motivations.  You can do like I do sometimes and go online and find pictures or video's, if it helps create a vision board or at least a list of things you want to achieve.  This list should be long at least 20 items that way you have constant goals you are working towards, they can be material possessions, fitness, how you will help people, your mindset or whatever you want.

At least create this list and be specific, you won't always be motivated but having goals in mind will help you push through the boring shit and days you want to relax, because you will see that your vision is more important than resting everyday and never going after what you want in life.  The time is yours!  Go out and live it the way you were destined to!

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