Tuesday, March 28, 2017

30 Day Cutting Challenge.

To be honest over the past month or so I keep cutting on my food for a few days then going back to eating a lot the next few days and repeating it.  The last couple weeks I have been doing good on cutting but did a couple cheat days which I guess my body doesn't handle very well and takes me almost a week to cut that fat.  It is amazing for my muscle growth, my muscles have been growing faster than ever the last few weeks but so has my stomach.  So I thought I would be honest on this blog because this is a journey, and I am in no way perfect and I feel even worse because I keep talking about how I need to cut and I go half in and half out and that isn't what I like to teach, so this is me coming out and saying what I'm going to do until April 28 which is my birthday because that is one month from today.

What have been my biggest struggles for not maintaining low body fat?

I am one of those people who can eat and eat and eat and eat.  That being said if a food I love is put in front of me I have a hard time not eating it.  I notice even if I am full I will feel hungry if a delicious food is sitting right in front of my face.  Now luckily  I don't have trouble with turning down junk foods like pizza or anything, but its the healthy stuff that I have the most trouble turning down because if someone makes a yummy smoothie I'm going to want one to and because its healthy my mind says "oh you can eat it you won't get fat, its healthy".  And I end up being weak and giving in to the temptation. (As you can tell I have been eating too much and there is almost no outline of my abs left and this is going to change within the next month!)

Eating a lot is my biggest mistake and struggle I am going to overcome.  We live in a world where we have an abundance of food but our DNA is still wired to think food is scarce so it its was to want to load up ones much food as we can.

My goals.

Over the next month I plan on eating enough protein carbs and fats to still grow at least some muscle but maybe not at the same rate as I am at the moment.  I currently weigh about 123 pounds as I am writing this and my stomach is slightly bigger than it was before and my abs are hard to see now.  I am going to eat 1300 calories on my non workout days, and 1600-1800 on my workout days.  This may sound insane but for my bodyweight over 2000 calories a day is kind of overkill and is the reason why, even though 6 out of 7 days I eat completely healthy I am gaining fat.

I did the calculating and staying within calories should be easy for protein and fat, but carbs may be a little harder for me to get with such low calories.  My food I will be eating will be boring and mostly the same foods every day like cod, eggs, and maybe some chicken. The reason being is because protein is high in all of these for calories especially cod, and they are pretty cheap and I feel I can have fun with them making meals or salad and such.  Cooking and designing different meals is FUN!

I may even take a couple cheat days but instead of eating all junk I may eat an extra 1,000 calories.  I don't yet know if  I will or not, and if I do it will only be 2-3 times.  I love smoothies but they are very calorie dense, so on a cheat day, if I have them, I will have a smoothie as my treat.

The calories I eat are not set.  There may be some days I eat less than what I am supposed to for that day.  My biggest concern is if I lose too much muscle and have to bump up 100-200 calories for each day.  This I will keep you informed on if I do have to increase calories and won't really know for a week or 2.

Why am I doing this cutting challenge?

Cutting is one of the hardest things for me to do.  As a guy who is skinny fat, having a low amount of muscle is easy but getting rid of my fat can be hard while maintaining muscle, and even growing muscle.  I want to prove to myself that I have the strength to eat the right amount of food every single  instead of consuming to much.  But even more importantly my goal for this cutting challenge is to impress upon you to do a similar challenge for yourself.

I know if I am successful on cutting and maintaining or even growing muscle during his next month I am going to want to help many others do the same.

What would you guys like to hear?

I was thinking of either having a daily or a weekly update and a short post on how the cutting is going.  I would like to also be able to help you along the way as well.  And would love if you start a 30 day challenge of your own!  Do you need to bulk up or lean down?  Leave your comments below so we can connect and help each other achieve our 30 day goal!

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