Thursday, March 16, 2017

Why You Shouldn't Talk Family or Friends Into Starting Their Journey.

How's it going guys?

Have you been on your path/journey to mastering your life for a while now, or even just recently started to try to master and grow your life to become your greatest version?  If you have I know you have been enjoying the process, and see yourself improving everyday.  Most likely you want your friends and family to start some form of improving themselves to right? Why wouldn't you? We all want to see those we love and care for winning in their life and having fun every single day!

What if I told you trying to talk to your friends and family about starting their journey wasn't the best idea, what would you say?  You would probably think that I am crazy right?  On paper talking friends and family into starting their journey sounds like the best thing you can do because we all want those around us succeeding and growing, but I have noticed something about doing this that isn't good.

The more I try to get someone to improve their life the more it seems to aggravate them, which is a lose-lose for both of us.  Now why is this?  Why would this aggravate people if you want to see them succeed?

If you are on a path to mastering your health, imaging someone keeps trying to get you to eat Big Mac's or drink Coke.  How are you going to feel about this?  Most likely it would be aggravating because you are trying to do one thing and others are telling you to do another, and your obviously not going to eat the Big Mac.  It is the same for if you want someone else you love and care for to make a shift and you keep saying it everyday to them.

They will start when they are ready.
You may find that no matter what you say or do those around you won't start their journey.  This is simply because they are not ready and no matter how much you nag at them to start they never will until they decide to.  Why am I telling you this?  Do you just give up on them?  No of course not but you must give up on the idea of them starting right away.

Chances are it took you years to start and make a shift and notice what old habits you had weren't serving you.  We are looking to help, but with this instance they can only help make themselves and make the realization to change their life, until then it would be as if someone the opposite political party as you is telling you how great that the party they like is.  

Be patient, not everyone has to start when you do, it would be nice, but most likely it won't happen.  When they are ready you will be there to help along their journey as well as they will be able to help you along yours!

Not everyone will start.
The fact that not everyone will start can seem to bug us, or is that just me?  I don't know about you but I would love to see a world where everyone is on their journey doing things everyday to improve themselves, but the sad, horrible truth is that not everyone will start their journey.  Many of your family and friends won't even start!  This doesn't mean to pity or shame them, because they may just see things differently than you do and thats ok.  Like I was getting to in the last paragraph  I will say in this one as well.  Don't try to control everything in your life or in anyone else's.  The more you try to control the less control you will have over the situation.  You must know that not everyone will start their journey in the same way!

Closing thoughts.
I hope this blog post helped you guys,  I know from my experience that I want everyone to win and start their journey to creating a better life, but many will, many won't, and some will take longer than others to start.  Just remember that this is ok, the only person you can control is yourself, and the more you try to control the less control you will have, and we shouldn't try to control family or friends anyways.

Have a nice day, I will talk to you on the next one,

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