Friday, April 28, 2017

My Results on the 30 Day Cutting Challenge.

If you don't already know I took a 30 day cutting challenge. I will link that right here so you can go check it out.  The challenge was hard to achieve but I would like to share the last 30 days with you.

I decided to start this challenge on March 28, 2017.  I started it because I noticed I was gaining fat, not because I was eating junk food, but rather the opposite.  I was eating food I considered healthy, that are proven to be good for you.  The only thing was I was eating soooooo many calories, probably over 3000 a day.  I was doing this because I thought I would be able to gain muscle and maintain low body fat.  This ended up not being true, I did gain muscle but also fat, at this point I decided I needed to change how much I was eating.

Over the last 30 days I would say the first week was the hardest.  I was and still kind of am not used to eating 1200 calories on non workout days and 1800 calories on workout days.  However now that I have been on my 30 day cutting challenge the 1800 calorie workout days feel like heaven and are actually easy and makes it feel like I am having a lot more food than I actually am.

Let's talk about the process of these last 30 days.  As I am writing this it is April 28, 2017 which is my birthday.  Today I am going to have a cheat day most likely.  Speaking of cheat days, I have taken 4 cheat days and even 2 of those were HUGE cheat days.  But with following my 30 day cutting challenge I have lost fat.  While doing my cha
llenge I have been also following the workout plan from Kinobody's Greek God Program, so I dropped fat and have been making strength improvements on all my workouts, even though my calories were so low.  I am saying this  to impress upon you that you can drop fat, and gain muscle, while having some cheat days which makes the process more enjoyable.  Look at the transformation from these 2 photos below!

I may not look that much more skinny but I really notice the fat I dropped.  However, I do still have a while to go till I am shredded and really toned, so I do plan on continuing the 30 Day Cutting Challenge and making it a lifestyle.  I am going to move up my calories an extra 200-300 a day.  I do find that my muscles grow faster while I eat more calories.

If I end up gaining fat while doing 1400-1500 calories on rest days and 2000-2100 calories on workout days, I will go back to what I did over the last month.

Closing thoughts.
I hope this small transformation over the past month has inspired upon you to start a challenge of your own if you haven't followed along with me already.  If you have been following along share your results I would love to hear them!  If you have just started, share what your challenge is over the next 30 days.

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