Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Why I Take Cheat Days. And Why It's Important To Take Cheat Days On A Diet To Lose Weight

Balance needs to be in every area of life, you cannot be all good 
or all bad.  For health I am using balance as a reminder that 
"yes I am allowed to eat junk food every once and a
 while" and using this as a reminder helps me realize 
why I don't eat junk food or have a cheat day every single day.

  See eating healthy is tasty, fun, and improves the body and mind, 
but sometimes usually once a week I like to let go and eat 
whatever I want to.  Usually after I do have dry mouth 
and feel groggy, but the food did taste good.  

Luckily for the next 6-7 days all I want to eat is healthy food, however after 
the 6th or 7th day I start to crave the junk food again for 
some reason even though I know the consequences.

When I eat healthy I go hard, same with when I eat junk food 
on my cheat days.  I like to focus on one or the other and the balance keeps me sane.

If I ate all junk I would turn into that food.  If I ate all healthy 
every single day I would go crazy because my mind will 
still be craving the junk food and if I tell myself I can't 
have it ever my mind doesn't like that because thats all it will 
think about until I get it.  How is your balance of healthy 
and junk food?  What could you improve, or are you 
being too strict on yourself to the point where you are 
suffering because you just want junk food?

You won't fail on your diet and it makes it easier to diet.

Have you ever been on a diet for a week, a month, or a year 
but suddenly grown tired of it and lost willpower?  
If you are like everyone else on the planet the answer is yes.  
We al have limited willpower.  
Learning how to over come low willpower is very useful.

If you are on a diet and they tell you to never eat junk food 
this can sound good at first, because yes junk food is bad 
for you and doesn't help your body or mind.  In reality however 
we all have limited willpower and we sometimes need 
to eat junk food in order to stay on the diet we are on.  

If we force ourselves to eat all healthy we will burn ourselves 
out and end up giving up and going back to our old ways.  
This has happened to countless people.  
I don't want you to be one of those people because 
I know you have the potential to achieve your dream body.

Over the last month or so I did my 30 day cutting challenge.  
Yes I took 5 cheat days where I ate whatever I wanted 
to and however much I wanted to eat.  I did over eat 
some days but guess what?  I still lost fat and gained 
strength because most days I was eating what I was supposed to.  
What kept me on track and helped me to not give up, 
however was the 5 days of cheating on my diet.  
If I didn't take those days there is no way 
I would've been able to eat as low calories as I did.

People to learn from.

If you are going to study from people who achieved great 
in life I suggest you look into Tim Ferriss and 
Kinobody because both of them have strategies anyone 
can follow, whether you are experienced in 
diet and fitness or brand new to the game!

Lets talk about Tim first.  He has a book I highly recommend 
which I will link in this blog post if you wish to buy it, 
the book is called The 4 Hour Body, or you can check 
out his content on Youtube about his strategy for cheat days.

As for Kinobody, he has a bunch of videos on 
intermittent fasting and ways to make your diet 10 
times easier by using intermittent fasting.

If you guys follow my content I know you will love 
both of theirs, and without their knowledge and content 
I wouldn't be able to write this blog post and have 
the wisdom and experience I do right now!

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