Monday, May 15, 2017

My Thoughts on Looking Down On Others. (Should You Be Super Judgmental of Those Around You).

My experience with looking down on others.
As you may or may not know depending if it is your first time reading one of my blogs, I am a pretty healthy eater.  This being said I stay away from most processed foods, and processed sugars, and wheat and white bread etc.  Many times I would find myself looking down on someone if they are eating these foods.  I have been controlling it more lately.  The reason is, is that it doesn't help the other person or me and isn't nice to do in general.
I have learned that others have their own way of dieting and if it works for them that is ok.  Also everyone will start when they are ready and if I try to "force" them to eat something they don't want to, it will backfire.  If I am judgmental I will also only see the things that I don't like about someone instead of the strengths that the other person does have.
There are also times where I would judge someone just based off of other things like how they look or what they wear, this was more of how I was when I was younger and not really now.  The most recent was how I would judge what someone eats.  That is why I used it as an example. But maybe you are struggling as well and need to stop judging others or judge people less. What has helped me change how I am judging someone is to recognize what ways I do this and when I do it and make a habit to uplift people in a positive way instead of "shaming" or judging.

What you are saying about someone else you are really saying about you.
If you are judging someone else it is saying more about your insecurities than their "problems".  Why is this?  Well in life everyone has something they are insecure over and most of us will hate on people if they are successful, just for that reason alone, because they are successful.  This shows a huge lack of loving yourself or being jealous over someone else.  If you hate or judge someone for having money lets say, it is most likely because you don't have money.  This can be fueled from jealousy and this is something that we need to stop doing in our lives.
It is hard to do and I don't think its possible to fully stop judging things or people negatively because we all have our own opinion of thing or person and that is okay.  However what we need to stop doing is being so judgmental.
Maybe it can even be you are looking down on people who are broke or poor.  This can be even easier to do than being a hater of someone who has money and you feel envy.  Many of us me included at times have looked at a homeless person and looked down on him.  Most likely we all have done this at least once, but instead we can feel sympathy, and not a kind of sympathy that pats the person on the back and tells them they will be ok, but a kind of sympathy of real help.  See because if I judge someone for being homeless that will be an insecurity of mine for maybe noticing some trait in my own life that I share with a homeless person.  But instead of patting them on the back or being insecure and looking down on them, which says more about us than them, we can offer help as in buying them food or maybe giving them advice on coming up because anything could help.  I talk about an abundance mindset a lot and for not judging or looking down on people, abundance is one of the keys to breaking out of the habit.  Once we realize how abundant we are in this life we will be less judgmental and more open to share with anyone and bring people up instead of put people down, even if one person makes $1 and the other makes $1,000,000 a day there is no room for bringing either person down.

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