Friday, May 26, 2017

How Can a Service Mindset Change Your Life And The Lives Of Those Around You?

Don't mistake serving for being a slave to someone.
Service is one of the biggest parts of our lives.  Yet we often over look it and never think of how we can serve but rather how we can take.  When I talk about serving others I don't mean to serve them and do whatever they say and be on their leash.
We all have a gift to give to the world and this gift is our service, without it we will try to take, and take, and take, but in turn get little to nothing in return.  However when we serve others and the universe with our passion we will see our lives start to change.

How it affects those around you and the people you reach/touch.
Service helps everyone that you are trying to help and even those around you.  By serving others you will notice the positive affect it has on others.  The people you are giving to are going to be happy, but not only that the people around you will feel a sense of happiness and wanting to give as well.  Everyone wants to do something good for someone else, and that something good can take someones day, even a stranger day from horrible to the best day ever.
We don't know what others are going through and usually we don't care, we are in a rush to get groceries or get lunch or dinner that we don't even acknowledge the other people around us.  But what happens if you try to give them a dollar or pay for their dinner?  See we often overlook this and never would think to do that.  But from my experience it makes the other person beyond happy. (Giving obviously isn't limited to just giving money, however I used money as an example because it  is the easiest way to give and almost anyone has a the power to do it!)

You will feel happier.
Upon starting my journey I have found the more  I share from a mindset to serve and help others, those are often my most useful and best, videos and blog posts.  However many time I am stuck in my head and have a video that could help people but I am only thinking of how I sound on camera instead of how I can share the best information with you.  Maybe you have noticed a difference in that type of video or blog post, maybe you haven't.
The point here being, when I make a video out of pure care for others and not how "stupid my hair is" or whatever I notice feedback from viewers that say many positive things about it.  Conversely if I make a video where I am stuck in my head instead of focussing on giving, that same video could get no comments or feedback.
Happiness here comes from me being able to share and help others improve.  See I can have all the happiness of losing fat or gaining muscle myself, but if I keep what I used to lose weight or gain muscle to myself and don't help others with the same techniques that happiness won't last.  However if I see that something I did helped even one person improve their life I am happy forever because that person is doing great things in their life.
Why does it work like this?  Well one thing I would say is that when I am able to focus on putting pure positivity or pure help into someones life without expecting anything in return that alone will make me happy.  Seeing someone smile or be proud of themselves for action is more to smile about than anything money can buy!

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