Saturday, September 2, 2017

Why I Bought The Canon EOS T6 Premium Package.

Over the past few months I have been investing more in video
and camera equipment to improve my videos (and take better pictures
for my Instagram and blog posts).  I have never had a "real"
camera before and was saving up for one that was nice but not over expensive.

  Before purchasing this camera I was using my GoPro Hero 3+,
 Nikon Coolpix s9400, and sometimes my iPhone 6 Plus.  And yes
 these all do shoot great video, that being said I still wanted to
step my video and picture game up a notch.

I probably used my GoPro the most for video, but I felt the
viewing experience for the viewer wasn't the best.  Yes I can
shoot 1080 with 60 frames per second and even 4k, its
easy to walk around with, but the downside for the
viewer is that the fisheye lens makes it hard to watch
when I am just walking around and talking.

Canon T6 Premium Package.  Camera and Both Lenses.

All this being said it came down to me wanting a new camera to
do better video, and take some better pictures.  I decided
 to purchase a used Canon T6 with the premium package which
 came with a 75mm-300mm lens and a case to carry it in.

Brand new the camera with the premium package is $550, I got
it used for $300, and the best part is, the previous owner
used it only once, so this camera was practically brand new!

I did get the camera last month.  The reason I got it for myself
was as a reward for making an extra $500 in less than
 one month. (to read my blog on how I made an extra $500
in one month click here) So far I have figured out how to take
pretty good looking pictures during the day with it and alright
video, sometimes.  I still have a lot of learning to do with the
 video recording part and nighttime photos.

I would love to be able to take pictures of the night sky and have
them come out clear.  This would be more of a hobby of mine
but something about the night sky intrigues me.  Luckily this
camera can do that, however my skills are what is lacking and
I need to learn the camera more in this area.

Since I have purchased the camera my main goal was to
make videos using it.  And in the last week the video quality
has gotten better while I'm using the camera.

At first I knew nothing about how
to adjust brightness at all and the videos were all
coming out super bright.  Now my challenge
 is figuring out how to get the focus perfect for videos.

I am having some videos coming out perfectly focussed and
some coming out grainy as can be. Even though it seems
like I am doing the same thing in every video some
come out different, and I don't know why?

Closing thoughts.

Overall the Canon T6 is a great camera for the price I paid.
I have been able to take really high quality photos with it,
way better than any photo I could take with my other cameras,
especially when I take nature photos,
 or photos of exotic cars for my Instagram.

That being said I still have a lot more to figure out with it
while taking photos and making video.  Every photo and
 video I make, no matter how bad it comes out is an
opportunity for me to learn more about the camera.

Imagine how magnificent you photos could look with the Canon T6!

Live your life to the fullest,

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