Sunday, September 17, 2017

30 Day Muscle Building Challenge.

Yesterday I started my 30 day muscle building challenge.  I will be uploading a new video each and every day so you will be able to follow along with me on this challenge and build muscle as well.

To be honest I have already been building more muscle over the past month or 2 but I believe I have found a great way to gain muscle fast (naturally), and I wanted to put it into a challenge to see how fast I could grow muscle over 30 days.

Beginning of the 30 day muscle building challengeI want to do this to not only gain muscle, but also to inspire you to take action and follow the challenge over the next 30 days yourself and gain as much muscle you can naturally in the next 30 days.

Over these 30 days I will be going to the gym every other day and on my off days I will be working out my abs to gain muscle in my core.  In the videos I will be making I will show you some, if not all of what I am eating everyday, as well as all the workouts I am doing on that day as well so you can follow along and implement this into your routine as well.

This is just an experiment so I have no clue if it will work or not, but I feel this will be a fun challenge because I am someone who always has
trouble gaining muscle, and this 30 day muscle building challenge will make building muscle more of a game than just "trying to gain muscle every week"

If you will follow along, this is going to take dedication.  You cannot half ass this and expect to gain that much muscle.  Don't worry I am keeping this in mind as well for myself.  By making this blog post I am forced to go through with it each and every single day for the next 30 days as well.

I really hope that you will be as committed as me or even more committed with this.  I want to see you grow in life, and I know this will help you do that.  So come along with me and lets dominate this shit!

Closing thoughts
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