Thursday, September 7, 2017

Is Working Too Much Good Or Bad?

I have been struggling with finding the answer to the question,
"if working too much is a good thing or a bad thing".
I would read a book or watch a youtube of saying that
you should always be working, then the next book or
video would say to spend the "4 Hour Workweek" amount
of time on work.

Everyone would just contradict the other person and I would
just be all confused.  Maybe you feel the same way?  In this world
with social media it is easy to get everyones view on work ethic.
Gary vaynerchuk might tell you that you should be working
18 hour days, whereas Tim Ferriss might tell you to work
less but do the most important things in the short amount
of time you do work.  Both have their good points and bad points.

All I can
share on this subject is my experience with work ethic and
where I see it being good and bad.  I am no expert on this subject,
but I have seen different results so far in my life for both
working all day and working only a few hours a day.
In this blog post I will go over (in my opinion) the good
vs bad of working too much.

I will start off with the bad, because I believe this is the first
problem (almost) everyone faces in life in America.
So what can be bad about working many hours?  I would
say it boils down to if you are working hard to make someone
else's dream come true or not.  Most of us are and are conditioned to since childhood.

Many children say they want to be an astronaut, but a couple years
later they are told to be "realistic".  This conditions the
child to go and be just like everyone else in the rat race,
get a normal job, work for a normal company, and so on.

That person never even tries to become an astronaut and work long
hours for that goal.  Instead they do like everyone else and
 work long hours to make someone else's goal come true.
And I get it, we all have to pay the bills.  Even I am no exception.

I am working a job I don't like right now but I gotta pay the bills.
Your situation may be harder than mine or it may be easier.
However that shouldn't stop you from reaching toward your
goals at least a little bit each day.  I really want to impress
upon you the contrast of working long hours doing something
you hate versus doing something you love.  Which brings me
to the good side of working too much.

How can working too much possibly be good?  Well what I
would say from my experience is that working too much
for someone else at a job you hate isn't the best way to work
too much.  I don't want that for anyone.  However if you
work a job you love, or work on your own business and
you love it, you can never get enough of it.

You will hate to go to sleep at night because you want to keep
expanding in your work, and you will never want to stop working.
Working 12-16 hours a day will feel like a walk in the park.
Compare this to working for someone else on something
you aren't passionate about and one hour can feel like a lifetime.

This blog wasn't made to shame you if you are working a "normal"
job, but rather as inspiration to find ways to get out of
that job and start your own business or get your job that
you love, whatever makes work feel like play!

A little background on me that should serve as inspiration
for you as well.  Like I said earlier you probably have a
tougher life than I do, more bills to pay, maybe even a child
to take care of.  And yes this can take up more time and
money, and may even mean you need to work more.

Here is my experience with this subject if you don't already know.
I currently work a job I don't like that much.  I work part time so
its not like all my time is taken up there, thank God.

That being said it still does take up a good chunk of my time.
My work schedule kind of bounces around every week,
but I usually work afternoons, so that gives me time before work
and after work to work on my goals for a few hours.  I also sometimes
work early in the morning, but that just means I have to
wake up 2-3 hours before work to work on the
goals I have set for myself, and then after work I can work
on whatever else I need to accomplish.

going to work sign

What does this mean for you?  Look I understand everyone has bills to pay,
and if you already work 12 hours a day I know
it can be hard, for a short period of time (about a month)
I was working 55 hours a week.  I still found time to
do at least one or 2 things everyday that I could work on
that were aimed towards my goals not someone else's.

  You can do this too!  I don't care how small it seems a small
step will soon become a staircase.  My first recommendation
would be reading before bed for 15 minutes if you really
don't have time.  When you read books written by high
level people, you will adopt their high level traits sooner or later,
and learn to value your time and energy a lot more.
You won't waste it on TV or video games as much
but instead on what truly matters to you.
A great book to get more into this is
"The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone".

Where you are right now it might seem impossible to get
out of that job you hate, I often feel this way as well,
but this is my fuel, my burning desire to push even harder.
I started this blog as a way to share my journey and struggles
in a way to help others.  Right now I feel like I could write
forever because I am just sharing my thoughts and trying to
help the best I can.  Getting out of being a salary slave
is such a big passion for me, that I could literally
 keep writing more on this blog post all night.

When I first started writing it felt impossible.  I thought no one
would read these posts, because my writing isn't the best
in the world.  I would often times get C's and D's and even
sometimes fail writing assignments in English class because
my writing was so bad.  And yes it was hard to set up a
website, it was hard and still is hard to come up with ideas
that are "good enough" to share with you.  But I had to take
these steps in order to build this (my brand).

But anyways what does this mean for you?  It means you
should be taking some sort of action each day, and slowing
building that action until you are able to work however
long you want on what you love, for
however long feels good to you.  That could be a few
 hours or 12-16 hours a day, just make sure however much you
work adds up with goals and what you want out of life.

If I can write and write on this subject even though I have been told
in the past that I am a bad writer, you can do whatever
it is you want to do as well, even if others say you aren't the best, you
still have the power to take action before you give up.

Closing thoughts

I know this was a long blog post compared to usual, and I went
off on a lot of side tangents.  But what was said here is only
a small chunk of everything I can describe about this subject.
It is such a huge passion for me that, like I said,
I could talk endlessly about this subject.

If you want to see more in depth and better explained
version of this blog post, watch the video of mine below
where I share more on how working too much can benefit you!

Also be sure to get The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone where
he shares his wisdom, and goes way more in depth
than I do here in how  to take action and totally change
your lief completely.  (clicking this link
also helps me continue what I am doing).

Congratulations!  You have taken the first step in changing
your life by reading this blog.  To take your next step
and really transform, watch my video, and purchase The 10x Rule.

If this blog post gave you any value at all, don't forget
to leave a comment on your story and exactly
 your plan to move towards your goals!

Live your life to the fullest,

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