Saturday, September 15, 2018

Feeling Bad For Gaining Fat While Bulking.

If you have been following me over the past couple months you know that I have been working on bulking to gain as much muscle as I possibly can by the end of this year.  So far I am making pretty good progress on my muscle gains, but I have also been gaining some fat in my belly area.  Although I probably only gained a couple pounds of fat, I have kind of been feeling bad and discouraged because of it.  My goal is to be 135 pounds and lean (8-12% bodyfat) by December, so by gaining fat, I feel as if I will gain the muscle I want, but will have trouble dropping the fat that I need to drop.

Maybe you are experiencing a similar problem with your bulk.  I really wanted to make this blog to help and guide you if you are in the same boat.  So here are a couple tips that will help you along the way of your bulk!

Keep your focus on the end goal.

The first step in helping you is to focus on where you want to be instead of focusing on where you are right now.  If you want to be a certain weight, focus on that rather than focusing on where you are.  By focusing on where you want to be you will train your mind to visualize it and work on making it a reality.

This mindset will also help you not beat yourself up for where you are.  This is actually the biggest reason I am writing this blog right now.  For a couple weeks I was focusing on the fat I gained (although not much) and how it bugged me to be gaining fat while bulking.

As of last week I have shifted my mindset to focusing on my end goal, which is weighting 135 pounds and having8-12% bodyfat, rather than looking at the little bit of fat I did gain so far on my bulk.  And the weirdest thing happened since last week, I started to notice more muscle growth.

I know that may sound weird, but I know that by focusing on my end goal, I started to see myself getting stronger and my muscles growing faster.  I know the same will happen for you when you keep your eyes on your end goal!

Trust the process.

When bulking you will pretty much be guaranteed to gain fat.  The reason being, is that you are eating a surplus of calories, some calories going to muscle gain and others storing as bodyfat.  So the first tip is to not get so caught up in gaining a little bit of fat, as it is part of the process.  But also don't go overboard and eat so much food that you are only gaining fat.

By eating whatever is the right amount for you, realize that it is normal to gain muscle as well as a little bit of fat.  But you always have the ability to eat more or less depending on how much you are currently eating.

Once you get into a good flow of how much to eat on a daily basis, you can start to trust the process more.  By trusting in the process you will be able to be content with where you are and have a clear focus on where you are going!

Closing thoughts.

I hope that if you have been feeling discouraged or bad about gaining fat on a bulk, that reading this blog has gave you some useful advice.  These tips are really what have helped me and I know that as long as you apply these tips to your mindset that they will help you as well!

Live your life to the fullest,

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