Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Power Of The Language We Use.

Something that I have come across lately was how I was using my language to either uplift or degrade myself and others.

I realized that if I was truly going to start to grow and take massive action to get to where I want to be in my life I would have to change the way I talk.

I first started noticing myself using language such as "I can't" while working out when I was starting to get to a rep or weight that was "too hard" to lift. This in turn became true, by saying I can't do one more rep, I wasn't able to.

Rather, if I switched to saying to myself "I can" or "give it your best shot" I could usually lift the weight one time if not more, and worse case I would give it my best and end up doing a half rep.  Either way, I pushed and gave it that little extra effort which in turn made me feel better.

Another big game changer for me was in the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, where the author says "Instead of saying to yourself 'I can't afford something', ask yourself 'how can I afford this?'"

So what does this mean for you?  I want you to start to notice where you are using language that isn't helping you become your best version.  Start to really dive deep into how it makes you feel on a daily basis, and how using this language is holding you back instead of helping you move forward?

Once we get used to using language against ourselves or others, it usually turns into a downward spiral from there.  We start to become attracted more and more to using this type of language.

But the oppposite is also true, if we use language that is empowering to ourselves and others we will start to notice an upward spiral.  Sure part of this is positive thinking, but 99% of this is because you are seeing yourself and others in a positive light.  By using positive language you will start to shift your brain to see all the ways that you can do great for yourself and others everyday.

You will no longer have to live life in a state of negativity.  Although the language you use won't get rid of all of your problems, it will help you get rid of some of your problems.

Before I end this I wanted to give you an exercise to try that will help you shift your language from negitive to positive first thing in the day.

Tomorrow when you wake up (if you are reading this when I publish this blog) it will be Monday morning.  I know, the day everyone dreads with a burning passion. 

I know that most likely every Monday you wake up, you probably say to yourself "oh great another Monday and week to get through.  Now what I you changed tou view and language on Monday just a little bit?  I'm not even saying you have to love Mondays, but what if there was something simple that could help you feel a little better about them?  Would you give it a try and see if it made not just your Monday, but week as well a little bit better?  You bet you would!

So here it is, (as a disclaimer this is something I have heard others say that are living great lives and something that really stuck with me since I heard it) what if tommorow when you wake up you say to yourself how greatful you are to be alive another day, not just that but another week!

If you wake up in a state of gratitude tomorrow morning and every other Monday for that matter, how much better are your weeks going to be? By changing your language early in the morning it will help set the course for the rest of the day and week!

Closing thoughts.

I hope that this read has been extremely helpful for you in changing the way you speak in your daily life.  I know first hand that we can either speak in a empowering or disempowering way, and the language that you use will make a dramatic difference in how you live your life.  Whether it be for you achieving goals, or influencing others, the words you use on  daily basis are one of the most important things that will help you become the person that you want to be in life!

Live your life to the fullest,

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