Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to Read 50 Pages of any Book in One Day. (How I do it and How You Can Too)

     If you are reading this you probably know I am big on reading.  I talk about how I read over 35 books last year in a couple of my posts.  Why and how do I read that much?  First off I know I can always learn more and learn from others, so for me reading is feeding my brain.  Second I get to know each of the author, about their life, their story, and how they overcame challenges.
Make reading a must.
     This step might sound simple but its very true not just for reading but for anything you want to do in life, but here you must making reading a must if you are striving to start reading or read more.  When I first started reading at the beginning of last year I was probably the slowest reader you could have ever meet, I would read every word before moving on to the next instead of skimming and reading a few words at one time.  Now I still have times where I catch myself reading word for word, but once I catch it I start reading at my faster pace again.  Many people reading this can probably speed read, and could easily read 50 pages or more a day, but for those of you who are like I was a year ago reading word for word this next paragraph is for you. (If you already can speed read you can skip this next paragraph).
How to speed read to read 50 pages or more each day.     Lets talk about how you can read faster today!  This may be sounding to good to be true but it is really effective in reading faster.  This trick I learned from Tim Ferris, author of The Four Hour Work Week.  He takes a pencil and first says to makes lines on the pages cutting off the first 2 and last 2 words of each line as your peripheral vision will see and your mind will be able to read these words.  Then he says to use a pen or pencil to trace where you are reading and to glide it under each line you are reading. (As the picture to the side shows). Which at first sounds kinda challenging, and it is, for the first page or 2, but after it becomes really easy.  
    Now that you have the art of speed reading down, or at least are able to read faster you now have all you need to be able to read 50 pages or even more a day.  Keep in mind I used to read word for word and sometimes even mouth the words as I would read them, which is a bad habit in itself, but all I had to do was catch myself doing it and stop whenever I did mouth out the words I was reading, in order to quit the habit.  Reading 50 pages a day should be effortless if you can overcome these two obstacles, those are the two things that really helped me to read 50 pages each day.
Closing thoughts.
      Reading should be a big part in everyones life, its fun, relaxing, and can really help in any area of life you want to become better in.  Even if your not reading 50 pages a day 10 pages before bed each night can be a great way to start out if you don't read that much (just don't fall aspen while reading and let the book slam on your face).  Go find a good book, you never know what will influence you and change your life!

Go out, live life to the fullest,


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