Sunday, February 28, 2016

Should You Purchase a Watch?

     I know this subject may be really off topic for my type of blog, but this is something that really interests me and can play a big role in your lives as well.  Watches have been something I really love to look at and admire for the last few years.  They can range from $5 to millions of dollars for one time piece.  So let's answer the question of whether or not you should purchase a watch or not.
     As a kid I had many watches that were made for kids that would break pretty easily and were all digital.  As a kid watches with super hero's and cartoon characters were interesting, as they would be to any young child.  Over the years I never really noticed watches until a few years back I started noticing watches more and more and started looking more for motivation at first at Rolex's, as this was the only luxury watch brand I knew of.  I later started hearing of many others including AP (Audemars Piguet) and Omega.  If you know anything about any of these watches the price ranges start around $3-5,000 for omega and Rolex and over $10,000 for AP, so these were out of the picture right away.  I started looking at cheaper watches that would catch my eye, and one day I found the one I am wearing now on the internet and found a shop in the mall that was selling them.  I bought it after christmas with the money I got for christmas about 3-4 years ago I can't quite remember.  The first week after buying it I would wear it all day everyday.  But then after the first week I kind of forgot about it and didn't really like to wear it out that much, I can't remember why.  But about a year and a half later I started wearing it everyday, but since I lost weight I had to get some of the links taken off to fit me better.  Over the last 2 years I wear the watch everyday everywhere I go, I love the way it looks and feels and always keeps accurate time, and is solar powered, which means the sunlight is able to charge it.
Should you buy a watch?
     Although I started without even really wearing my watch, my experience owning one has been amazing!  My watch has been very dependable, looks great, and best of all I didn't have to spend over $1,000, believe it or not, not even $500.  I've had random people comment good things about the watch.  Not only does a watch tell time, but each watch says something about you, as each watch is different, from the band, to bezel.  Every watch is unique and finding a watch that you love that says something about you is very enjoyable.  In my opinion you should definitely buy a watch if you are going to wear it.
     You don't have to spend thousands to have a nice watch, but you also don't want to spend under $150.  From what I have noticed on watches under $150 the watches don't seem the best quality.  I'm not saying all watches under $150 are bad, but just from what I've seen they don't seem the best, although there might be some that are good quality.  If you can find one that cheap thats good quality and you love it, then buy it right away! Although I only have one watch I spent just over $200, which in my opinion is a steal compared to the other watches I was looking at that compared to it!

Closing thoughts.
     Owning a watch can really build character and add class to your style.  If you have never owned a watch before I would defiantly recommend my watch (Citizen Men's BM6734-55E Eco-Drive Two-Tone Stainless Steel Watch) to anyone looking to purchase their first watch.  You can find it in the recommended resources section of my blog.  If you guys own watches already I would love to hear what kind and your thoughts and experience on your watch in the comments below!

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