Thursday, February 18, 2016

What Did Doing My 5-Day Video Challenge Do For Me?

     What is the 5-Day video challenge you may be asking yourself?  If you haven't recently seen on my youtube channel (Ganifit) I have posted videos over the last 5 days for my 5-day video challenge. My first video of the challenge was less than 50 seconds, because it was that hard for me to talk to a camera for longer than a minute, but the next day I almost doubled my time!  Which even though less than 2 minutes of video doesn't sound like a lot for me it was.  It's amazing how fast something can improve if you just set your mind to it.  Literally less than a week and I have come from less than one minute to 2 videos over 3 minutes and one just under 3!
The book "Quiet" I was reading and talk about in one of the days in "My 5-Day Video Challenge"     Even at first I made some short 15 second videos for Instagram, and even that was a little challenging because I always found myself too much in my head and trying not to talk too fast.  But when your in your head, just like giving a presentation at school you seem to talk at 100 miles per hour without realizing it.  What I had to learn to do was slow myself down when talking, even though I prob still do speed up at times, I'm definitely better than when I started which is what I'm going to be talking about today in this blog post.
     Would you be able to agree most things seem hard until you actually do it?  I know for most things I'm that way.  Making the videos is exactly that way for me, it seems harder than it is, even though at first it is pretty hard, especially for a naturally shy person like me who already has trouble talking, much less putting myself out on Youtube where anyone could view my videos.  At first, at least for me I would go blank really fast, so had to use a mini script of what I should talk about but have each point in my head before hand so I wasn't read a few points on a piece of paper, instead I was able to memorize each point then expand on what each point meant.  But now I literally just make the title for the video before hand then that alone gives me something to talk about for at least a couple minutes.  Which as I said before, 15 seconds was hard even when thinking of a list believe it or not.  But compare that to now where I am able to write the name I am going to use as the video name, and can make a video in one or 2 tries is unbelievable for me to be able to accomplish!
     Have you ever heard the expression "be yourself"?  Well they aren't lying when they say to be yourself.  In my experience on camera at first I was trying to talk all loud which I'm usually a quiet person, but then I thought to myself "maybe being myself would be better since with being myself the people watching my videos can know I'm authentic and see I'm confident in that with myself", so they will feel more in touch and connect better with me through the camera.  Although it may not be the most captivating for entertainment thats not what my videos are for anyways, and I know the people who want to hear what I am sharing will watch the videos and that it can help them and connect with them and thats what matters to me.  This applies to any area of life, relationships, jobs, sports, pretty much anything you do people want to see the real you.  The worst thing we can do is try to impress people without impressing ourselves.  So if you have a fear of doing something because you feel you aren't "good enough", remember you are good enough to do whatever it is you want to do, just be 100% you and people will see, feel, and appreciate the authentic you!

Go out, live life to the fullest,


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