Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Simple And Easy Steak Recipe.

     I don't talk about food or recipes that much on my blog, but food and cooking is really something that interests me, even though I'm not the best cook I will admit.  Is it possible to make an amazing steak with only 4 other ingredients?  I would have to say it is!
     How did I find this recipe?  I literally got bored of having the same and most simple steak recipe that I knew how to make on the stove, which consisted only of oil salt and pepper.  Although this was good enough for me I decided to add something else not knowing if it would be good or not one time when I was making a ribeye.  Luckily for me it came out amazing, literally the best steak I have ever tasted in my entire life.  The second I tasted it I knew I had to cook the rest of the steak for my parents the same way!  This one ingredient is a MUST HAVE if you are going to make steak.  It is garlic, if you don't have garlic use garlic powder although I highly recommend the garlic cloves over the garlic powder you can use either.  The taste of the garlic from the clove is a lot better in my opinion and gives a classy feel to the steak, and the best part is biting into a piece of the garlic as you are eating, there is no other flavor like it!
What are my favorite steaks to choose from?
     There are two main stores I find the best for steak.  When I say the best, I mean THE BEST!  The best part is the prices aren't even that expensive.  Both I can get 2 cuts of ribeye (over 1 pound) for just over $16.  Yes $16 that will feed 2 people for dinner!  My first choice is Trader Joes as they have plenty of wonderful food for decent prices which makes side dishes along with the steak cheap whether it be filet mignon or ribeye, are priced great even if you are on a budget, the downside for my location is parking as the store is always packed, which is the exact reason I drove to the next store.  My second choice is Whole Foods which does have the better steak, but prices can be higher here for side dishes which is the only downside.  Although for now on if I buy steak I'm choosing Whole Foods as the parking is ALOT easier, and the ribeye I bought for just over $16 was as tender as filet mignon!  My steak of choice is the filet, as to me it has a better taste and is always tender, but ribeye is the next best thing and for the price for flavor and tenderness the ribeye is a great choice, and the filet is more of a treat for me, because we usually buy ribeye to save money and have a great steak.
Side dishes I like to make with it.
     You may be asking yourself, "what can I make with the steak?'  Although there are a bunch of different side dishes you can make with it there are three foods really stand out on the plate with the steak, and they take almost no work to make!  The first 2 can just be placed in the microwave for a few minutes which can be going while you cook the steak.  First off is sweet potato, I cannot stress enough how good this will go with any steak, as is almost dessert all by itself.  All you of is poke a couple holes in it with a fork, and put it in the microwave for the setting labeled "baked potato", depending on the size of the sweet potato you may want to take it out 30 seconds early, as overcooking can make some spots hard to eat.  The second is broccoli, I use bags that are already frozen that you can just place in the microwave for however long it says (less than 7-8 minutes at the most I believe).  The last is avocado which you literally just have to cut in half the chop up however you like!
     I wasn't originally going to add deserts into this blog as I usually don't eat them with the steak, but why not have them in here anyways?  Everyone loves dessert.  My favorite are molten lava cakes, which if you have never had them are a must try!  They are chocolate cake with a chocolate melted center.  The second which I have shown here is dark chocolate,  my preference is anything above 80%, dark chocolate is also known to be able to help relax muscles in your body which is a big plus to eating it.  My third choice is chocolate ice cream made from coconut milk, which you can purchase from Trader Joes.  The ice cream at first tastes like chocolate then after a second the coconut flavor kicks in!  If you are a coconut and chocolate lover you will love this!
Would I recommend eating out or cooking meals for yourself?
     Cooking meals can be a big savings from going out to eat, as meals from restaurants with sirloin can cost as much as filet mignon for 2 at home.  The best part about cooking at home is you get to choose the piece of meat from the store you like best and not just given whatever meat they give you, even though restaurants are usually really good about the meat the choose, I love having the choice of meat I cook.  The type of restaurant may vary for prices, the restaurant chains like Outback are fairly priced but still cost a ton more than cooking at home.  The higher class places may have better steaks and other cuts of meat than the normal restaurant chains but can cost a minimum of $35 for one dish! And thats minimum for one person, even at a place like Outback you can spend $15 a person easy with a sirloin or even a burger and a pop.  For sure cooking at home for me is a must, as prices are cheaper, I get to enjoy the process of cooking my own food and playing "chef" at home, and creating new ideas for food to make is beyond enjoyable, but I still do like to go out to eat sometimes also.  
     The funny thing about this is that I used to hate cooking until I started cooking the steak the way I do now.  So even if you hate cooking at home right now, I know that with the simple and easy recipes I will bring to you will help make cooking effortless and enjoyable, and just as good as any upscale restaurant!  I also have a salmon recipe I will bring to you in my next cooking post, which is just as simple as this steak recipe!

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