Thursday, September 15, 2016

How to Create Opportunities That set you up to Achieve Confidence

I have struggled with confidence my whole life and lately have been working on it as many of you know.
Today I thought I would share some ways to improve confidence no matter if you have no confidence right now or if you have confidence already but want to improve.
My tips are to
1) If you have no confidence to set easy goals for the day that you can achieve to prove to yourself you can do what you say you will, this leads into the next step.  But first let me explain what I mean by this.  Set goals you know you will achieve such as shower, floss, and brush your teeth.  This build momentum and you are proving to yourself you are capable of what you say you will.
2) Set bigger goals as you reach higher and higher confidence to show yourself you can achieve big as your confidence grows.  These can be things such as starting your own website or losing 20 pounds.  Make sure these goals are clear, and specific so you know when you reached them.  Now these may take more than a day to do, so be consistent, because true confidence come's from doing what you say you will and making those things something you love doing.
3) This one is easy, change your physiology, changing your physiology can wildly improve confidence.  I used to slouch a lot and what did that get me in turn?  Low confidence, and I don't want that for you, so simply stand up tall and straight with your shoulders back, it may sound silly but it really works!
4) Create certainty in your actions.  This means do what you love not what others want you to love doing.  If you don't love th
e everyday things you do, you will never become more confident.  Think about it, if you do only things you hate how can you love yourself?  What is it you love doing?  Find this out and make it work fro you.  If you love drawing draw more, if its swimming swim more.  The better you get the more confidence you will have, and the easier it will be to be yourself.

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