Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Should You Slow Down on Meditation? The Impact it Had on me.

Over about the last month I kind of switched my focus from meditation to yoga.  At first it felt nice and still does feel nice, in no way is yoga bad, but I started to feel more in my head and more tense in the chest.  About a week ago I started only 5 minutes of meditation just to ease back into it, and I forgot the wonders it works for me.  When I stopped meditation I could notice I had less control over my emotions and I knew right away that I needed to get back into it.
Meditation has been a life changer for me and I let it go for a while.  Even doing 5 minutes a day has been helping but I am slowly stepping it back up to the 20 I used to do every single day.  When I would do 20 minutes a day I found it to be obtainable and calming.  So you don't need to use 1-2 hours on it a day, unless you can but thats more power to you!  20 minutes would make me present and at time put me so in the zone that I could feel a feeling of what  I think it would be like to be high.  Some days I was able to bring life to object around me, not just trees and plants but even objects like fans.  Since not doing it I notice that feeling is nearly impossible, and even breathing deep normally is harder to do.
Starting back up is the hardest part for me, every morning 20 minutes used to be so easy and set the pace for the rest of the day.  For me meditation is one of the biggest things for my success, and not doing it daily I saw drawbacks from success.  Meditation alone can affect happiness which for me affects how much I get done for my life, so the more I start my day out with meditation the better my day and life in general!
So what would I say is the big takeaway for you guys?  My big point is to either start meditation now if you aren't doing it for extreme results or to continue your path of meditation if you are already doing it.  If it still seems hard to focus the only way to get better is to continue doing it every day.  It isn't easy but once you get into the rhythm it becomes more and more enjoyable!

As always enjoy yours journey, I hope this blog post helped you out in some way.


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