Thursday, September 22, 2016

What is it Like Practicing Yoga Daily?

I have been practicing yoga almost every morning for the past 2 months now and I love the changes it has provided in my life.  Starting my day off with a boost of clear minded energy provides the stepping stone for the rest of the day.  It helps me prove I am flexible in my body and mind more than I would regularly notice and helps me be more creative throughout the day.  I also get a workout and stretch from it, and become more mindful in the morning.
Gaining flexibility.
2 months ago I never thought I would have the flexibility I have today.  I am still not as flexible as I would like to be but thats why I keep practicing every day.  I can touch the ground with straight legs which seemed impossible 2 months ago.  The impossible becomes possible!  I also have a more flexible back and shoulders.  I would notice my shoulders cracking and making popping sounds when doing shoulder press at the gym every single rep but that has slowed down since I started yoga, sure the popping and cracking still happens but just not as much!
Fixing struggle.
Many times during yoga poses become hard to do and I struggle through them and make a tense face, but over time I see how much just my breathing alone can turn that struggle into an accomplishment, even if I fall in some of the poses I am still learning to not struggle when keeping the pose.  And falling isn't bad either thats how we learn, but struggling on the other hand doesn't teach us to have a clear mind.  I have found myself many times making a tense face when in some poses, but the breathing alone calms it down in my body and mind as well.  So not only does this breathing help with struggle in yoga but also in everyday life, as I said a lot breathing can help fix tension in my body and mind if I have a lot to think about or even a sore back taking deep can help soothe the pain for a second and release tension in the back.

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