Tuesday, October 25, 2016

3 Ways to Better Your Meditation Practice.

Lately as you guys know I have been getting back into meditation, doing it everyday.  I have started doing 10 minutes again and a couple times did 20 like I used to.  I have had some trouble being in the present moment until the other day.  These first 2 are things I used to do and I see are working again the other is just a small tip that can make all the difference!
If you have done meditation before you know it can be hard to do and stay in the present moment.  Our minds naturally wonder without us thinking about it at all.  Sitting still for a certain period of time doesn't usually help that.  Even for me most of the time I find my mind wondering and like I said above I have done meditation for some time even thought I did take a break from it for a while.  But it is still extremely easy for me to become sidetracked on other thoughts during a meditation practice.  So yes being present during the meditation can be hard most of the time but I have found a few ways that help me become more present and I think they would help you guys so I'm here to share theme with you today.
3 ways to better your meditation practice.1) Affirmations.
This is by far the best way to be present for me so I thought I would share this first.  So the last couple days I have been saying affirmations, gratitude, and empowering questions to myself.  I used to do all of these before when I would meditate but kind of forgot till now how good these work for me.  I use these as a way to brainwash myself and attract the good in life, and with the empowering questions I ask myself things that I can solve to better my life.  Anyways enough about why I use them, how can doing these help you?  Well number one if you tell yourself you're present, you'll convince yourself its true after a few breathes, and the rest is easy, say affirmations, things you are grateful for, and empowering questions and staying present isn't a problem what so ever.
2) Either a room with a window open or outside for fresh air and sounds of nature.
I love my nature sounds and fresh air.  It gets me more in touch with my surroundings and whats going on right now.  The sound of the birds and wind in the trees is just so relaxing.  Also being able to breathe in some fresh air also helps my breath, for a deeper calmer breathe.  Being as breathe is the key component in meditation a deep breathe of fresh air is very important for me.
3) Temperature that isn't too hot or too cold around 70 degrees.
Being at a comfortable temperature is the third and final key to me.  It may seem like it doesn't matter, but being comfortable while meditating really helps to calm my body, which in turn relaxes and calms my mind.  If I am not comfortable I find myself moving around more and the temperature plays the biggest part in my comfort. 
Closing thoughts.
I hope these tips helped to better your meditation practice, and make it more enjoyable and relaxing, and most of all empowering!

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