Sunday, October 9, 2016

Why I Created Ganifit.

As many of you guys know I created Ganifit to help improve others and share my story and journey along the way.  I used to be the kid who would eat mcdonalds most days of the week and never and I mean NEVER drink water.  The only thing I would do is play video games, never working on myself.  I knew this needed to change, and I knew that I could help many others who are like the way I used to be and know they need a change.  Whether you have been following the blog for a while or just finding out about it and reading it for the first time this blog post is for you.
Ganifit was first designed to help you guys follow my fitness journey.  Fitness meaning working out. This soon turned into a fitness of more than that.  Yoga, meditation, reading, and whatever else I find would help you guys.  I am constantly experimenting on new things to see what works and what doesn't.  I love to share food that I cook that are easy and simple recipes you guys can use in your home.  Most of them being cheap so you guys can save money, as I am currently trying to do with my current situation.
I find sharing my life to be fun and inspiring.  As many of you know I am working on overcoming my social anxiety.  This is something I have dealt with my whole life and even affects me around family a lot of the time.  I have had much practice on camera slowly easing into talking into public was horrifying, this may sound like you, scared to even make a video outside even with no one around or even scared to talk to family or friends at times.  No matter how bad it is you can improve on it.  That is my philosophy.
We are all going to experience struggles in life and thats a part of life for anyone.  Here in Ganifit I am trying to show you struggle, anxiety, and even depression is ok and normal, but isn't the state we should always be in or be trapped in.  There is more to life than that and seeing this is what can get you started.  I understand that change can be hard especially if you are at your lowest and feel like improvement is impossible, but the truth is it isn't.  There are people who were at lower points in life and still made it.  These people we can learn from and mimic to create the life you want to live.  If you are in a low point right now ask yourself this question.  "What would my 80 year old self tell me to do today?"
Closing Thoughts.
Being in a low state or state of depression for a long time can be hard to deal with, and may make the things you truly want to do seem impossible.  I have found that learning from people who have been through what I have is the best way to connect with them and understand and implement their strategies into my life.  I hope you guys are loving the content I post, and hope it helps you in some area of life.  Always be learning, and committing to your life's journey, it is the only way to an extraordinary life!


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