Saturday, October 1, 2016

What Failure Teaches Us.

What is failure?  The definition of failure is omission of occurrence or performance.
We are taught that failure is a bad thing, not something to be proud of.  But have we ever looked at the other side of failure?  Maybe it is a learning lesson that isn't so bad?  Yes failing can feel terrible, but what can we learn from failing?  
Well lets say you fail at completing your goal of learning Spanish.  What can you do?  Well if your like most people you will see it as a failure and beat yourself up for it.  Instead you could see it as a learning opportunity.  You could learn or research different and better ways to learn Spanish that could work better for you.
This isn't just for learning Spanish, you can apply it anywhere in life, fitness, business, mindfulness or whatever else you choose to.  

What are you lacking in life or feel you are failing in?  Don't beat yourself up for it but instead see the struggle as something you must get over.  Life without a struggle isn't life at all its nothingness, and failure is a part of success, almost anyone who achieved big failed.  Michael Jordan, kicked off his basketball team in school for not being good enough.  Steve jobs failed as well, he was fired from his own company.  Instead of letting these failures stop them they learned from them and used them to their advantage to become the best of their industry.

Feel like your failing at something and feel too low to even learn from these failures?  Something I find very helpful that works for me is to learn about people who achieved great even after failing.  It can give you motivation and insight on what to do with your life!

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