Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why You Are Amazing. (How to Find the Amazement Within Yourself)

Along our journey many of us may feel as if we are bad at certain things or lack the knowledge to perform things we wish to perform.  Some of us may even feel as if we are not good enough for certain people, things, or even ourselves.

Today I am here to tell you all of that is BULLSHIT! You are fucking amazing, put on this earth for a reason.  I don't care if your circumstances suck, that doesn't make you a bad person.  Sure you have to work to get into better circumstances, but this doesn't make you bad by any means.  Check your breathe, and heartbeat.  Are you still breathing, is your heart still beating?  Then this is a sign, a sign that you have purpose in your life, even if you don't see it.  All of us are amazing we just have to look deep inside and find that which makes us amazing.

I understand that can be hard, especially if you are like I used to be and put yourself down because of low confidence in certain things.  I remember I would always tell myself I was bad at basketball whenever I would play, and even say it out loud, and guess what that did?  It was brainwashing myself to actually suck at it.  Instead how can we do the opposite?

This is something I have talked about a couple times but never truly touched on.  Think about the most amazing person to you, maybe this is someone famous, a millionaire, billionaire, a family member, or friend.  How would this person you see as amazing talk about themselves?  Would they put themselves down or would they have empowering statements?  You guessed it right they would have empowering statements for themselves.

Let me tell you something, we become what we focus on and spend time doing.  Is it worth it to tell yourself that you suck or instead tell yourself you are amazing.  Even if you don't even see it yet say it to yourself that you are amazing, each day multiple times.  How do you feel about yourself.  Actually write this in the comments I would love to hear if it helped you!

This can be done with anything say to yourself "I am confident" long enough and you will become more confident.

The Task
Your task for this post is going to be to write down 5 good things you want to feel about yourself that help prove that you are amazing   Take out that pen and paper right now!  Ok got it?  Good, write down these 5 things.  These affirmations you will be saying 5 times each the second you wake up for the next week, if it helps improve how you feel about yourself feel free to keep doing it, even add things if you want to!

Closing Thoughts
Today we covered something powerful.  What you tell yourself will manifest and control how you feel each and every day.  Don't let the wrong thoughts manifest into your life, all of you are amazing and have the power to cultivate it, shine the way you were meant to!

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