Monday, January 18, 2016

The One Thing that Changed my Life Forever.

Although there are many things that have taken a big part in changing and bettering my life this one thing alone is simple and anyone can implement this into their life right now!  This thing I haven't really started using until recently.  Many times we make decisions without even thinking of what we are doing until after we do it.  So what did I start doing?  I started asking myself before I eat something or do something in general, "is it gonna be good or bad for me?"  Now I'm going to be honest and admit that I don't do this every time because I even forget to ask myself this a lot.  But as I build this habit up more, I see myself making less stupid decisions that would just be a waste of time.
       Every morning as I'm having my smoothie for breakfast I write down my list for the day, and most of the time even if I accomplish the list I won't watch Netflix or play games, I'll usually want to keep learning.  When I complete all my tasks I'll start youtube, a channel that will help me improve myself.  The one thing that helps me create and form this new habit I'm making for myself and for you guys is to look into the future before everything you do.  We a bombarded with decisions almost every minute of everyday, and by looking into the future with my decisions it helps me see which ones are good and bad.
        As I talked about above I usually focus on bettering myself for the way I spend my time.  If I catch myself scrolling through Instagram I like to stop myself the second I catch myself, although this may be 5 minutes into being on there, I cut it off as soon as I notice the bad habit.  As for looking into the future with each decision I make, I like to picture my dream house, dream cars, or a place that is a paradise to me like a beach or nature.  The second I look ahead to the things I want and that interest me, it makes it a lot easier to work on becoming my best self.  Try it for a minute, think of something you want that motivates you, close your eyes take a deep breathe and picture yourself there, and the experience your having.
        Many of us fall into the mindset of "this will feel good right now", its like eating a piece of cake  or ice cream everyday versus eating clean foods such as, avocados, healthy meats, veggies, and fruits things like that.  The processed sugar might feel good and taste better than the other foods right now,  but in the long run we will see this isn't true.  The picture to the left is something I eat very regularly, organic pinto beans, not only are they healthy but they taste amazing and are very cheap to purchase.
 Now if you do make a decision you see is bad after you make it don't beat yourself up, you can never take back what has already happened, but you can control what will happen.
Closing thoughts
I hope my strategy for decision making helps you to go out make the best decisions and live your best life each and everyday.  If this helps or works for you feel free to share to the comments below how it impacted your life, I would really love to hear your stories!

Go out, live life to the fullest,

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