Monday, January 25, 2016

Why I Started Drinking Water.

Let me start off by saying switching from constantly drinking pop to drinking water may just be one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.  Anyone who is reading this and ever tried or is trying to switch to drinking water knows exactly what I'm talking about.  At first water tastes boring and bland having no flavor compared to sugary pop, with lots of caffeine.
     I remember as a kid and early teenager I would drink pop everyday.  This obviously didn't carry any benefits.  The first problem is that every time I would go to the dentist I would have at least one cavity,  Which then at the time the worst part was the shot for numbing my mouth and not being able to eat for a couple hours after the filling, but as I see it now the cavities were never worth the flavor the pop had.  Now I may even need a root canal and crown on top of one of my teeth because the filling is so deep.  Although I used to eat candy back then, the pop was EVERYDAY, and from what I remember I wouldn't even drink water that much, and I don't know what got me to start drinking water all the time but I'm thankful I started when I did.  Ever since I stated drinking water only, and occasionally coffee or juice I haven't had one cavity.  We may over rate our teeth but they are the first step in our digestive system to break down food.
The switch
I can't quite remember what made me want to start drinking more water.  I do remember the struggle I had the first day I went without pop.  The best way to describe it is being used to having all the flavor of something taken out of it.  The same thing goes hand in hand with food,  But for the sake of the blog lets stick to water.  The first day without pop is complete suffering, you feel empty without it, and just want more flavor which on the first day the water doesn't give you.  I can't quite remember how long it took to form the habit but doesn't seem like it took too long, but lets fast forward to today.  
     The last time I even drank pop was on accident, my dads cup was right next to mine, I pick it up and take a drink and I noticed it was pop, the second I noticed, I spit it out.  I couldn't even swallow a mouth full of pop now.  I remember the taste of it leaving a wretched flavor and after taste in my mouth.  Which is funny how before I could barely stand water and how the tables have turned to where I HATE drinking pop.  Even with so called sports drinks you aren't told about the sugar in it.  I used to even drink Vitamin Water, and Gatorade, stuff like that because I was told thats supposed to give you more energy, how could it not?  All the athletes drink it in commercials.  The chances are the majority of them touch nothing but water, and only do the commercials for money.
Showing how drinking water can help you keep a clean working areaThe benefits
    As I talked about my first benefit was better teeth health.  But how else has it helped me to only drink water on a daily basis?  Lets imagine for a minute you are feeding your plants with not water but pop.  How do you think this is going to turn out?  You guessed it the plant will have trouble getting nutrients from the water the pop does have, because the sugar will retard the absorption of nutrients and water from the plant, making it harder to grow.  If you wouldn't feed your own plant pop why would you feed it to yourself?
     Since I've made the switch I've noticed much more healthy and clear skin.  Acne used to be a huge problem for me, I used to use the face washes that were supposed to get rid of acne but that never even helped it in anyway.  When I started drinking I water I never used the face washes but they mostly all went away, so this was a cheaper and healthier, better for the body option to a cleaner face.
     Drinking as much sugar in one day as I used to, or even if it was just one glass of pop a day, is enough to slow down metabolism.  This in turn will decrease fat loss.  Drinking water, from my experience, body weight in ounces a day or more has kept me at a low body fat (although Im striving to get rid of the fat that is left) while gaining muscle.  I am able to have more energy for the things I find important, instead of the time wasters, along with better focus, although I still easily get side tracked.
Closing thoughts
Based on my life experience with drinking water I have been able to live a happier, healthier life, and I wish for all my lovely readers to implement this into their life.  It really is a huge life changer, beyond describable, to have the feeling you get from drinking water on a daily basis!  I would love to hear from you guys and how switching to drinking water has changed your life!  It may not always be an easy journey, but the harder the ride the better the story.

Go out, live life to the fullest,

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