Friday, January 8, 2016

What I Learned About Having the Abundance Mindset.

I used to think many things were in scarcity that are really in abundance, lets start with working out and eating healthier.  My thoughts on this used to be that people who have muscles or eat good healthy foods are "genetically different" or had more will power than me.  This all changed when I learned about seeing things in abundance, I can't quite remember where I learned the abundance mindset from, but I remember hearing money is in abundance, and thought "how can I implement this into aspects of my life?" so I started noticing the cars I see daily (as I am a car nerd this was very easy and fun) and still do this exercise everyday.  I mainly payed attention to high end luxury cars (cars over $70,000)  Jaguars, Range Rovers, Mercedes S class's, Tesla's, Rolls Royce's, Bentley's even up to a Bugatti and many more.  The most common cars I noticed are Range Rovers, S class Mercedes, and brand new Escalades.  Seeing these as common cars triggered my abundance mindset, seeing these cars practically everywhere made me think of abundance in working out.  Although I am a hard gainer and still do have small muscles, myself I have noticed a difference in muscle growth.
It crazy how simple and easy it was for me to manifest something that I thought was only for people with good genetics.  If you are into muscle growth or losing fat just walk into a gym and see all the people where you want to be, chances are is there are many more people that are where you want to be right now than you knew about, you just have to take a closer look around you.  Being a hard gainer it takes me literally FOREVER to put on muscle, but practicing abundance really motivated me to push myself and work toward where I want to be and with everyday in the gym I get one step closer to the muscle size I want.  A bonus for hard gainers like me, you might have to train 5x as much as someone with better genetics than you, it might take someone else 3 years when it takes you 15 years of going consistently, but the change you see over time gives you even more motivation.  The will to see others have it easier than you, and you still don't give up is true dedication and strength.  
There are 2 things that are not in abundance, our time and energy.  I'm guilty of taking both of these for granted, whether its Instagram, Facebook, or youtube.  After all its fun, but what I like to tell myself when wasting time on here when I catch myself doing it is "is this going to better my life for a few minutes of enjoyment now?"  this can be applied to anything, eating, watching TV, video games ect. and is really effective.  How often do we take the time we are given for granted?  We often promise ourselves to do the important things in our lives tomorrow, when in all reality tomorrow is never promised.  The second any of us start to realize this truth, though it may be harsh, we learn to really live life and enjoy the time we have on this beautiful planet.  Time may be limited but that doesn't mean it limits our abilities to achieve what we want to achieve.
Having Abundance in Nature
Final Thoughts.
Keeping the abundance mindset in my life has helped me tremendously.  If you implement what I have talked about today into your life I know it can help you at least as much as it has helped me.  Also you can use this as a form of being grateful by seeing how abundant things are around you.  Go out start noticing things that you may have never thought to be in abundance.

Go out, live life to the fullest,

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