Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What Needs to be Done to Live a Happier Life in 2016?

Let me start off by stating 2016 may have just been the toughest start to a year ever in my life.  I had it pretty easy up until about a month ago.  But something in my personal life happened and it hit me, I told myself "Brian, you need to work harder and smarter to live the good life, it isn't just handed to you."  And the truth is it isn't handed to any of us.  We all have to earn the life we want to live.  Over the last 5 or so days I started practicing drop shipping on eBay, for the first couple days I only posted one item a day as I was getting used to posting, yesterday I upped the ante and posted twice, today 3 times just to prove to myself I could do it.
Living a happier life by taking a small walk through the park.I took a big step last year reading 37 books, this year I hope to read at least 40, but what have some of these books taught me since last year?  I've learned how to be happier even under stress in my life.  My favorite ways to cope with the stress or anxieties I do have are to let it out if I can but then to just relax and if its something I can't change then to not let it bug me as much, even though the stress is still there I try to focus my mind on developing myself and sharing my message to my lovely readers and those around me.  I know that no matter how much I complain it won't change the situation, so why not put some time toward myself?  One of my other favorites I've adopted is meditation, I talk about this a lot, but thats because its something that truly helps.  Sitting or laying down in one place for even just the 10 minutes I do right now can be hard for me especially if something is bothering me, but by taking deep breathes and listening to the voice or sounds on the video I become calm and present in the moment.
It really is easy now for me to be happy even if I am feeling down just for practicing abundance like I talked about in my last blog post.  We often take for granted everything we do have, like our arms, legs, eyes, ears, mouths ect.  Having this abundance and gratitude mindset is always something that has helped me, because I realize even if I'm having a bad day where everything goes wrong, theres always something I have that I may usually take for granted.
In 2015 I started making a list of daily things to accomplish and also a list of what I would eat everyday.  First off let me state how much the list of goals for the day helped me and how it can help you.  I would write down what I would need to do for the day and the time I would need to go to bed. Most days my goals would look something like (Go to work, Read 50 pages, Meditate for at least 10 minutes, Work on or post to blog, Go to gym and what area of the body I would work on that day and the exercises I would have to do, then go to bed at or before 11:30, as I wake up at 8:50 I am able to get over 8 hours of sleep.)  Making a daily goals list was a big motivator for me and would help me see my accomplishments.  If you would like to implement this in your life, which I highly recommend, I would start off with 3 goals for about a week until you gain momentum then add more goals throughout the weeks, if you are feeling ambitious start out with 5!  Some days I would write a reminder at the top of the page before I would even write down my daily goals, something like " make the best of today".  All I would need was something simple to read that motivated me before I tackled each goal some days. 
Final thoughts
To make 2016 the best year, even if you are going through challenges, which most of us are, take down at least one of these tips to start off the year.  I would recommend writing down the list of daily goals, because thats what really helped get me to the next level in my life and I know it'll help you as well.

Go out, live life to the fullest,


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