Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Live Life to it's Fullest, Don't Let it Slip Away. (Grab Life by the Balls)

     So the other day I made a video for Youtube and talked about getting shit done because life is shirt, and also how we must take advantage of the time we do have in our lives.  The idea popped in my head because over the last week I lost an uncle who did shit, anything he set his mind to he accomplished, and I knew writing this post would inspire people.  He was successful at his career and would do many activities a few including, scuba diving, sky diving, hunting, and flying planes.  He passed at a young age, but did so much in the years he lived, and I feel we can all learn from this not to take our lives for granted, because we always think we will always be here.  The truth is we won't and its a hard truth to swallow, but anything could happen in just 24 hours that could make our dreams never happen.  We could get hit by a car, or anything, all it takes is the wrong place at the wrong time.  If you only had 24 hours what would it consist of?  What would you make of it?
     Many times when we think of our time left on earth we think we have all the time in the world.  As I said above this is not the case, but what is one thing we always tell ourselves?  "I'll do this or that tomorrow."  But often times we forget about it even if it is something extremely important.  Tomorrow turns into never.
What I do to take action every single day.
     Before bed or every morning I start my day the same.  I pick up a pen and my note pad and write down my daily goals.  The goals I can usually accomplish all within the day depending how many things I write down.  If I don't accomplish them though, I don't beat myself up, but instead put a "x" next to what I didn't get to do and write it for the next day that way I remember.  All the goals I accomplished on my daily list have a check next to them.  With the list I am able to not have to think of what to do next and remember things today in my day, and when I see them written down, it forces me and encourages me to do them.  
     Having my daily plan makes life more like a game to me.  I get to check off what I do which are achievements of life, and gives me the sense of moving forward with my life's purpose.  I believe I talked about my list before, but for those of you reading this for the first time, every single day I write down a list of around 5 things I have to do that day.  My 2 musts are reading 50 pages and meditating every single day.  Then the rest I make up for what I need to do, or feel I need to do.  Sometimes it's make a video or start writing for this blog, and always some form of exercise.  I highly recommend starting a daily log, all it takes it a pen and paper, so is almost free.  The hardest part is making a habit of writing down the daily log.
How do we live life to it's fullest?
     I have been able to live my life the best I can with my situation by taking small steps toward a goal every single day.  Even though I may not be to the point I want to be, I am doing things that excite and empower me every single day!  These things don't include random acts of kindness.  I wasn't always the best at doing things for random people especially having social anxiety.  But lately I've been doing more random acts of kindness even small things such as letting cars go first when I'm at a crosswalk, because I know most people are in a hurry to get places.  Something even that small can really change someones day because of one good thing in traffic, and help them not focus on the bad traffic.  Doing good for people even in small ways helps me live my life the best way possible.
Closing thoughts.
     The ways that I talk about here are just what help me grab life by the balls.  If you want to try them out I encourage you to, and feel like they will help many of you in becoming your greatest version.  If you do write down your daily list, please be sure to comment how this affected your life and be sure to share your tips for readers reading as well in the comments!

Go out, live life to the fullest,


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