Sunday, March 20, 2016

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.

     Something I noticed a lot of people do including me is this bad habit of comparing myself to people for successful or less successful than me.  I will usually notice after I already started comparing myself, even if it's only in my head and I'm saying it to myself instead of those around me.  I use to be really bad at this and would envy people with more things than I have, but would look also in the wrong way at it. Instead of using their success to fuel mine, I would just become jealous over it instead of try to work toward it all that hard.  Now I still do compare myself as I said above but not as much, and I know this is a bad habit to fall into, but so many of us do.  So I'm going to share some ways that helped me compare myself less to others, and more to myself.
Being comfortable with myself instead of trying to look a certain way for others to be happy.Jealousy of possessions (and beyond).
     We often times compare ourselves to others and feel jealously compared to what this person can do or what they own.  It's very easy to become jealous when everywhere we look we see something "better" than what we have.  What we need to do is look inside ourselves and ask ourselves one question, "Am I better than I was yesterday?".  We so often looks at other peoples lives and forget about our own lives and how we can better it.  The only person you should compare yourself to is you, and once you realize this it'll be a lot easier to compare yourself to others less often than you usually do.
     It's not only possessions we can get jealous about but also what others can do.  I would always compare myself to others and get discouraged.  I used to look at people who could play guitar good and think to myself "why can't I be that good right now?".  And when I used to play guitar I didn't even practice enough.  I probably felt it would just come as a miracle one day with not much practice and I would be as good as the best in the world.  I don't quite remember what I was thinking then, but theres one things I learned and its comparing myself to those who are already great at what I am just starting isn't a good idea, because I will get discouraged and most likely give up.  Now I'm not saying don't look at what the people who are where you want to be do to be successful, definitely learn from them, just don't think you will be as a pro when you first begin.  It takes practice and dedication, and making progress each and everyday on yourself.
Closing thoughts.
     We can all learn from others but should never try to be that other person.  Everyone reading this has their own unique way to do whatever it is you are working on in life.  If Nike tried to be Adidas, Youtube try to be Netflix, or Mercedes try to be BMW they all wouldn't have their own unique way, they would all be the same.  So go out there, learn from others who are where you want to be,  train everyday, and put your uniqueness out there.

Go out, live life to the fullest,


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