Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why are Struggle's are Good to Have in Your Life?

I talk about the subject of struggles being important for growth a lot, but today I want to go more in depth and hammer on this subject even more from my experience in my own life.  We can all agree that when we are comfortable in life we don't really see a reason to grow.  Maybe breaking out of comfort would hurt us in some way, there are many things I'm afraid to do that would make me uncomfortable, I have seen a drastic change since starting this blog, but there are still many things that would be hard to do that I wish to do and need to do to grow.  I'm not perfect by any means and still have a LONG LONG LONG way to go before I'm my best version.  But here in this blog I would like to share just a couple things that have have done that have broken me out of my comfort zone so far, and how they can help you!
Posting a picture of my self, as before this used to be a struggle for me to do on social media.My hobby: Fitness
     If you've been reading my blog or watching my Youtube channel (Ganifit) you know I talk about working out and how I'm trying to find what works best for me.  A couple months ago I wrote a post on what workout routine I would be using.  In that post I talked about drop sets working good for me, and they were for mostly my back, chest, and shoulders.  I was doing the drop set type of workouts because I could save time at the gym, but now my muscles are starting to get used to drop sets so time to break the comfort and try something new!  So yesterday I decided to try workouts where I could use lower weights but more reps and have better form.  I did until failure, making silly faces on every workout (for those of you who go to the gym and go hard on your workouts you know what I mean).  I also did more exercises for each muscle, and let me tell you, the change in the routine KILLED my arms!
     Tomorrow is leg day and from the pain my arms went through, I know my legs are going to be 100x worse.  But lets go in depth on why the struggle in the gym of starting to go to the gym is a big life changer!  The gym will always be a struggle because we are always challenging ourselves there.  Once we move up weight on a workout theres an even higher weight we can lift to push us even more, and working up to that weight will be a struggle, but we all know what happens.  We not only are stronger but our muscles grow, and so does our mind.  We start to see what we are capable of more and more the more we work out and exercise.  I have to say in my life its a struggle but also one of my favorite hobbies, because it helps me see growth, and the growth can help create growth in other areas of life for me.  So I say if you aren't already, start going to the gym today.  Your muscles are going to hurt every single time, that simply means you did an amazing workout!  As they say "no pain no gain".
Creating a blog.
     When I started my blog I never thought I would have so many amazing people reading every single post I put out.  To see it come so far in just a few months is just really cool to me.  I started it thinking no one would even pay attention to it, and it would be a hobby of mine for practice to create a better blog, but I decided I'd rather show my journey and let people follow along to see my achievements, and mistakes I make along the way.  I knew starting this I didn't have any muscle really, but I use it to my advantage, for people who follow me for fitness I want them to be able to see and follow the journey.  In my eyes if I see someone who already has the big muscles, or millions of dollars, I want that right away and get discouraged if after a couple weeks I don't have it.  So my message has been embracing my starting point and showing people that they shouldn't be discouraged if they don't get it right away, but should lift themselves up for working everyday at something they really want.
     My mind will sometimes easily drift into other thoughts, which I haven't noticed till lately.  Even noticing that I don't stop my own writing, even though sometimes I will randomly go off on another subject out of nowhere, but I never let that stop me from writing.  
Closing thoughts.
     Everyone has struggles, my best choice was embracing the ones I notice, although there are some I haven't yet embraced, that I will in the future, I have come to see some of the big ones and used them to my advantage.  Today I have a short assignment to help improve your life a little bit right now.  Take a minute and think of, and if you want to write down the struggles you have in your life right now.  Then for at least one of the struggles you noticed think of a way or way's to embrace it.  I would love to hear how this helped in the comments. Thanks for reading and as always.

Go out, live life to the fullest,


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