Sunday, March 27, 2016

Why Perfectionism Sucks (And How to Practice Fixing it).

     What is being a perfectionist?  In my words perfectionism is making sure everything is exactly the way we want it.  Many people suffer with trying to be perfectionists in everything they do, their job, school, and activities.  But this can be very time consuming and teach us a bad lesson.  I myself us to like having things perfect when I make video's or write these blogs, until I realized making the perfect video isn't gonna happen.  Although I may make a good video or blog post it will never be completely 100% perfect.  So the lessoned I learned was just do it, and make it the best I can.
With perfectionism we get stuck in our heads.
     In my experience I have dealt with perfectionism a lot, and sometimes still do.  Whenever I do I start to overthink every aspect of what I'm doing.  I go out of my way to make it "perfect" button my surprise perfection, sadly never happens.  
     When I first started making videos I would record like 10 different videos and pick which one was perfect to me at the time, or even make the vids and none of them would seem good enough so I'd just end up deleting them all and being mad I couldn't make the perfect video.  This caused me to procrastinate because who would want to see someone scared to talk on camera?  I would let the anxiety in my voice affect if I would upload a video or not, just because I wanted to make the most "perfect" videos I could make.
Messy hair but still using the picture anyway.How am I overcoming perfectionism?
     Above I talked about how I wanted every video to be perfect.  Here I am going to go more in depth on what I would do and how far I have come and how I am still working on it everyday.  When I first started I wanted the perfect video, the best background in the house, the perfect tone, no stuttering, and over one minute long (at the time one minute videos were hard for me to make because I would be stuck in my head about what I was going to say).  I still do care about some of these, like a good background but not the best, and I do care how my hair looks to an extent, but it doesn't have to be perfect, just presentable.  So by doing my first video I learned something.  As Nike says "Just Do It".
     This is so simple but as humans we like to over complicate things.  I somehow ended up thinking to myself "it's the beginning of my journey and making videos is just a step".  And also reminded myself its also about helping you guys by giving my advice from my experience and giving my recipes I find enjoyable so you can implement those into your life as well.  Even if the video isn't perfect I learned to just do it for the message I'm sharing, because I feel what I share is important to help others, because it would've helped me tremendously a few years ago to know what I know now.
Closing thoughts.
     The main thing I am trying to tell everyone reading this is to just do it.  Whatever it is it doesn't have to be perfect the first time, you can always build and make better and better with time and practice.  It has whats helped me the most especially with my 5 Day Video Challenge.  The first video was so hard to make and it wasn't even one minute long but by the end I had 2 videos over 3 minutes and one just under 3 minutes.  Literally just by doing it without judging myself or trying to be perfect I more than tripled my camera time in less than a week.
Go out, live life to the fullest,


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