Monday, March 14, 2016

Want to be the Best at What You do? Here's How.

     Let me start off by stating I'm not the best at what I do, but I have some things to say on how I am working towards becoming the best and how these tips can help you as well.  It takes many years to become the best at something, but with putting in the work and effort I know you are capable of becoming the best at whatever you want!
Set yourself apart from the 99%
     How can you start your journey to be the best at what you do right now?  What helped me was thinking of ways on how to set myself apart from the 99% (or at least the majority).  I talked about in a blog post from about a month ago my workout routine, and although I changed the workouts recently, theres one thing I still do.  Every day I don't go to the gym I workout my abs.  I'll watch and do ab workout videos on youtube, which are completely free.  So I'm saving money from ordering a program, and still seeing results.  Results come faster than you might think, even for a hard gainer like me, just a few weeks ago I could see my abs starting to pop more, but not until recently have they doubled in showing at least from what I see.  Growing my abs sets me apart from the majority of people.
Look at what others can teach you.
     Nobody knows everything, but we can all learn something from others.  There are so many ways you can learn from people, some being free on youtube, some books and some, courses and seminars.  Its really whatever your budget can afford is what I recommend.  I've even learned this from many people, and I thought it was something you guys should know also.  I can't tell you how much I've learned from others within just the past year.  I've literally created this blog from JohnnyFD's Earnest Affiliate course teaching me how to start the blog, I could've thought I could do it without any training.  I might have been able to but would've taken a lot longer without it. 
     You can even learn from people who are the exact opposite of what you want to be.  Maybe they have things they do that you can learn NOT to do.  Mistakes can often be a huge setback and learning them from those who made mistakes, saves us time energy and sometimes money.  I'm not saying I'the best with money in any way, but there are some people I see constantly spend money on things they don't need at all.  We all do this to an extent, it's human instinct.  But chances are you know someone who spends money on things they don't need.  You can take a look outside, how many people have a brand new car every year, eve though their last one worked fine but was just "last years model".  Or maybe someones always updating their house or buying new TV's.  I did make a mistake like this, I bought a car I didn't need, when I already had a car that worked perfectly fine.  Although the car was an older car it still isn't the best car for someone my age.  I just loved the look of the car, and the feeling of the soft leather and ride, so felt I "needed" it.  I love the car to death, but as I did not expect was that such a beautiful car could have so many problems.  Take it from me and don't buy a car or anything costly that you don't need! 
Work at least as hard as those you look up to.
     If you really want to be where you want to, or work towards it, you must work at least as hard as those who are already where you want to be.  If you want to run marathons, you have to work at least as hard as whoever the greatest marathon runners are.  You must also learn to work smart, and not waste your time doing the wrong things.  For my experience the last couple ab days I did, I did 2 videos instead of just one.  This pushed my boundaries and was also more of a workout than just the one ab video, which is enough, but I know to really give myself amazing abs I need to work twice as much as the person doing the video.
Closing thoughts. 
     If you want to be the best at what you do it won't come easy.  If it did everyone would be the best. But it takes hard and strong dedication, this is why most people give up.  If there's thing I know if you've read this far, is that you aren't going to give up, because you are able to push through and fucking win!  Thanks for reading and as always.

Go out, live life to the fullest,


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