Thursday, January 12, 2017

7 Day Blogging Challenge Day 1.

Day 1
Today I have decided I am going to write to the blog for 7 days straight.  Writing is not my strong point as many of you know but I always try to work on it the best I can and share things that I think are cool or will help you.  I have also been having writers block lately and not really able to think of that many things to write so I am hoping this challenge will help me break out of that and come up with more ideas for you guys so I have more consistent content for you to read up on and learn from!
Its Day 1 of my challenge and I'm already having trouble thinking of what to write next.  This post may be all over the place with how I write I have no clue, and even in some of these days I may just write freely with whatever comes to mind.  Even if it isn't on self development or fitness, I may just write to write and try to clear out writers block.  I believe Tim Ferris talked about doing this to jump out of not being able to think of things to write about.
my 7 day blogging challenge day 1Since this is the first day of the challenge, I recommend you start a 7 day challenge of your own, it can be writing like me or anything you want.  I believe if you start one today you will have more fun because you'll be following my 7 day challenge and will also mean you guys can share with me what you are doing for your challenges this next week, which I would love to hear as well!
Getting started is always the hardest part, I am even scared to post this today because it'll hold me accountable, but I know I need to do this to better the blog and create better content for you guys.  My biggest problem right now is I am feeling I don't have anything "valuable enough" to say or share on the blog that would help you. Deep down I know this isn't true, and that what I have to share has added immense value to your lives before, but I am feeling I can't write that way anymore for some reason.
Maybe you are feeling this way in other areas of your life.  Maybe there was something you were good at before but now you feel you aren't as good.  Why is that?  What are your limiting beliefs?  In day one lets start the challenge together and find out what our limiting beliefs are in our subject of the challenge.  For me mine is I feel like I can't write as good valuable content as I used to because the ideas I am coming up with aren't "good enough".  Thats why I started this challenge because I know whatever I have to share on here is good enough and will add some value to you guys even if some days what I write is complete nonsense, I'm sure it could be a form of entertainment or enlighten you day.
Anyways guys take the 7 day challenge to break through you obstacle and share it with me in th comments below I would love to hear each and ever one of your challenges this next week and also if the is helping you go where you want to in life!

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