Sunday, January 15, 2017

Top 5 Keys in Five Minutes From How to be Alive by Colin Beavan. (Day 4)

So today I decided to something cool and different.  I went through a book and picked out 5 key points in 15 minutes.  I did this as a challenge to myself and as something I would be able to share with you guys today.

top 5 keys in five minutes from how to be alive by colin beavan (day4)What I did was looked at the table of contents and circle 5 or more chapters that seem interesting, then go through each of the chapters and skim through and find a key point that stands out to you. Mark your pages and circle these points, and if you are a blogger like me share it with others!  If you are doing it for fun and to learn something new fast do it for that reason.  Most of what the authors talk about is fluff to fill the book, because nobody would want to buy a 2 page book even if everything they had to explain was able to fit on those 2 pages.

Key1. Security and Meaning.
In the book Colin states that these are the 2 keys we need to be happy in life.  He says "security is what you get from the world through your relationships." And also "Meaning is the buzz you get from being alive."
When you think about it, all the people around you have to make you feel secure with yourself and your life if they make you feel insecure they aren't your friends.  And meaning is much more.  We each have a meaning in life, finding it can be tough but when we do, doing that every single day isn't a chore but its fun.  Just like for me going to the gym isn't even a chore, I love seeing myself grow every single day from my workouts and its fucking fun! What is your meaning, your exercise for life?

Key 2 What we focus on we attract.
Racecar drivers tell you that if the track is crazy and you are about to go into a spin don't focus on the obstacles because you're going to crash.  the is very true in life, it seems like if I focus on the bad, then the bad will happen.  If I focus on growth or abundance then there will be growth or abundance in my life.  This goes for self doubt as well, if I tell myself I suck at meditation or I'm a slow reader, I'm going to read slow or have a shitty meditation that day.  Focus on the good and the good will come into your life!

Key 3 Do materialist things provide happiness?
Many of us and myself included have a list of things we want from cars, to the newest computer, to headphones, or whatever else there is to buy.  One problem is, however out list of things like relationships, the way we feel, and health aren't usually on that list.  But that is the very thing that causes us to be happy.  Sure material objects can help but most of the time we get a rush from buying these things then after a day, a month, a year these things don't make us happy.
What makes me happy is the process of my life and living into my goals each and everyday.  The fact that I can move closer to the life I want is amazing and creates endless possibility for me, and I know that one day I will have the result of what I put in today, and thats what causes happiness for me.

Key 4 Think about your next meal or snack.
The problem with a diet is its just that a diet.  Certain foods we aren't allowed to eat anymore, I like to create a lifestyle and think of the foods that are within my standards, if I want to look like a champ I have to eat like one.  In the book he talks about focussing on your next meal or snack not the whole day, week, or month of eating.  This will cause too much thinking for our brain if we are thinking about what we are going to eat tomorrow instead of focussing on our next meal.  If we focus on our next meal or snack we are able to be more conscious of what we are going to eat, or if its going to help or hurt us.
I love to think in the way of "will this food serve me or no?"  From their its easy, my tastebuds may feel good for a minute or two, but in 5 minutes I will regret it. On the other hand I can eat something that still tastes good and makes my body feel good and alive!

Key 5 Accept your truth.
It sounds stupid and cliche but, be yourself.  If you are you 100% the right people will follow, not only will you inspire people but you yourself will grow.  You can influence others with your story and your path to you and if they like it they will follow and you will be able to inspire and help others become their best self!  Own who you are if you are a car nerd like me then own it! Fall in love with the leather seats and wood grain on the cars appreciate them be the nerdiest at what you love doing as you can, and that will make you happy as well as others!

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