Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 7: I'm eating too much!

The last couple months have been a time of feasting with Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I kind of started to get into a mood where I am hungry a lot because I would eat so much around this time.  I am seeing some fat gain in my lower stomach and its really, at least to me an eye opener, or an obstacle to get across.

Before when I was younger I would eat lots of junk food and gain fat, now I am eating lots of healthy foods and gaining fat.  I still feel amazing eating these foods, better than I ever could eating junk food even if I was losing fat eating junk foods.  Life is about feeling good but also about looking good.  My biggest problem is that I see food I enjoy and I just eat it, sometimes even if I'm already full, but for some reason feel hungry before I eat the food.
You guys may be experiencing something like this where you cannot stop eating throughout the day.  And it makes you feel different at the end of the day even if you are eating healthy foods.  You subconsciously know that you could've went without that last snack when you lay in bed at night.  Maybe that is just how I feel I don't know?

I do know one thing though.  Lately I haven't been having enough veggies with my meals.  When I eat veggies with grass fed beef, something like green beans or spinach, I notice I feel full much longer and veggies have almost no calories and help fill you up with a meal.  Avocado is probably the best, it has a ton of calories  but is filled with fat which helps keep you feel and helps your brain.  I used to eat avocado almost everyday but lately keep forgetting to buy it.

I also haven't been keeping track of the food I eat like I used to so today I am going to form that habit again.  That is my promise to you guys!

Closing thoughts
If you guys are having trouble like I am, I highly recommend you do as I am doing and at least track what you eat, and buy more veggies when you go shopping to go with meals!  It was good sharing this with you have the healthiest day of your lives!


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