Friday, January 13, 2017

No Dairy for One Week. (Day 2)

Over the last week I was reading a book called the Ultra Mind Solution by Mark Hyman.  In his book he talks on how change in diet can help people get through things like ADHD, which many people suffer from today.  He states that changes are its the things these people are eating and has many cases throughout the book where instead of prescribing people medication for it he has them change their diet.  Guess what happens next?  Their entire life takes a 180.
I don't know if I have ADHD and just control it well, because many times I can get distracted really easily especially if something I'm trying to focus on is boring to me.  But that is besides the point of why I am going dairy free for a week.  My reasons for it are simple, to see how I feel after a week compared to how I felt when I was having dairy everyday or almost everyday, and because most places don't have grass fed cheese or milk or yogurt, the only place I know of that has all 3 is Whole Foods.  I however love yogurt but I can only find yogurt that isn't from grass fed cows unless I want to pay an extreme amount.  Milk and cheese for me are easier, I can substitute the milk for almond or coconut milk, and cheese does taste good but I can go without it pretty easily, only cottage cheese is hard to resist.  I have been doing this for 3 days now and I still have mucus which is something I have been trying to get rid of because I notice that when I drink dairy my mucus levels sky rocket.  The reason could be is that I have too much b12, because I was taking that vitamin and my throat would swell minutes after and my mucus would come back, and even is as I write this, or it could be that 3 days isn't enough to get rid of months of mucus from dairy I don't know.

These are my reasons for giving it a try, these 3 days have been a struggle, I went to chipotle 2 of the 3 days and before I would always get cheese and sour cream, which I love in my steak bowl, but I noticed something, there wasn't much of a taste difference, sure with cheese and sour cream it does taste better but barely.  The real thing I am having trouble with is yogurt.  My parents got yogurt over the weekend and every time I open the fridge I see yogurt!  I don't know why but it is so hard to resist for me, I am able to do it but its hard.

Closing thoughts.
I am hoping to see that my mucus levels go down with this challenge and if they do I might even go longer without dairy, I might even go longer if I notice I am feeling better as well, because in my eyes if the cows are fed corn that energy is going into my body and I don't want that, it is hard to get away from corn fed and cows that are trapped in a small area their whole lives, but I am trying to get away from that.  Cows should be free range and eat grass instead of being force fed their whole lives.  The things that make this hard for me is chipotle and the price of grass fed items, but I am becoming more conscious of what I eat more and more eat day and I can see it.  If you guys thing you may have a dairy allergy or just want to go dairy free I suggest you try to cut it out for a week like I am doing!

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