Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day 6: Small Life Update.

Its day 6 and I am having real trouble coming up with something to write about.  I am thinking of just sharing where i am at right now with life and self development, so I don't know if this post will be that long, but the point of this challenge is for me to just write for 7 days straight and now I'm going to only need one day after today!

I would say my life in 2015 was more productive than 2016 but in 2016 I still made a lot out of life.  Today I am kind of picking up pieces of me that have fallen and bringing myself back up to where I was so I can reach even higher.  I would say that what I need to work on is reading more, meditation for 20 minutes a day, making more videos, and writing more on the blog more, and working on my drop shipping better, and eating less.  I eat clean healthy foods but just too much every day lately and have cut back a coulee days so far this week! What I am doing good on is the gym I recently bought the Greek God Program by Kinobody and it has kind of fueled me to get back into the gym, and the best part is my mindset for the gym is a hobby for me not a chore, so going is very easy for me even if its cold out.  My other hobby is car photography I am pretty good at it and my love for cars makes time fly when I am doing it!  I have also been noticing my breathing throughout the day more often and also practicing gratitude throughout my day more as well.  These things bring me into a good frame instead of being down or pissed off. So I have good things going and bad things that I need to work on that I am working on right now today.  Also I have been underlining and taking notes in books instead of just folding the corner of pages and not knowing why I folded that page when I go back and read books because nothing is underlined.  Now I can go back and read and see why I underlined what I did.

Closing Thoughts
Yes this blog post was short, but what I want you to get from it is to write down things you are doing great in life right now and things you can work better on to improve your life!

See you guys tomorrow,

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