Monday, January 16, 2017

Why I Like to Cook and Why You Should to. (Day 5)

     Cooking can be described as an art form.  Everyone has their own styles, and uses their own ingredients to make the food taste a certain way.  I must state I am not a great cook but many times I love to cook and what I do cook tastes great even if its easy.

My favorite recipe is my garlic grass fed ribeye from whole foods.  The steak you can buy from whole foods is almost as thick as a filet mignon! IF you guys saw one of my first videos on my YouTube channel I cook that steak and pair it with sliced avocado.  To prep I like to either rub the steak with extra virgin coconut or olive oil and sprinkle one side with salt and pepper and then before I cook it I cut up a couple cloves of garlic.  I throw the steak and garlic into the pan and cook it.  To cook it is easy, I love my steak medium rare, but even of you like yours well done the same principle applies.  Cook the steak for 2-3 minutes on each side until it is done to your liking, (while it is cooking slice up that avocado I was talking about) the garlic should be golden brown or even black and a little burnt.  It may sound weird but I like the way it tastes when it is a little burnt.

So why do I like to cook simple things like this?  Well for me cooking like I said is an art form, everyone has their own unique way to cook food.  For me since I am not the best cook I love to make things as simple and easy as possible but still make them taste amazing.  Maybe you are like me with cooking and you view yourself as bad at it or bad at pairing spices together.  That is why I love the use of salt pepper and garlic.  These 3 items can go good with any meal in my opinion, except for maybe pork, I don't know because I am not much of a pork fan.  However if you wish to add an ingredient to your food, lets say salmon for the example, I would add a couple slices of ginger, and some brown rice.

So the ingredients for this would be
Brown rice
and if you want stir fry veggies (optional)

I can say for myself this meal takes about 10-15 minutes total to cook.  What I like to do is after you have the salmon and brown rice prepped is while cooking the salmon chop it up in the pan like ground beef with a wooden or plastic spoon, this makes it cook faster and in my opinion actually tastes better so give it a try!

Like I was saying cook to your style and view it not as a chore to cook but as an art.  It doesn't matter if you are cooking for yourself or 20 people make it fun for you and enjoy the process of what you are cooking!

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